Mr. Vegas Hunts Down and Exposed Alleged Child Predator In The US

dancehall veteran Mr. Vegas hunted down and exposed an alleged child predator

Mr Vegas
Mr. Vegas

Dancehall artiste Mr. Vegas has taken extreme measures to get justice for his son as he traveled to a foreign country to confront a man who he claims molested his son.

Mr. Vegas shared the brave encounter online as he approached the alleged child molester, who he named “Vannie,” who he claims molested several young boys, including the artist’s son, in the parish of St. Elizabeth but migrated to the United States where he has started a new life to cover his dirty deeds. In the Instagram Live video, Mr. Vegas questions Vannie, who runs away from the camera without answering him.

“What your wife name? how much of the little boys you molest? A that mi a ask you,” he said as the alleged rapist ran away and Vegas chased after him.

The artiste also shared himself having a conversation with the wife of the alleged predator, where he revealed that he was taking extreme steps to track him down because of cross-jurisdictional issues. Mr. Vegas revealed that Jamaican police were constrained in arresting Vannie because he had fled the country.

“Him a child molester, divorce him. Him molest the whole of the likkle boys down a St. Elizabeth,” Vegas said as he revealed that the woman also had children with the alleged molester who jumped over a fence to escape being on video.

Vegas revealed that he only recently became aware that his son was raped at seven years old after he recently attempted to commit suicide.

“Mi come fi confront him for molesting the boys dung a St. Elizabeth including my son. Run sista, fast, take yuh pickney and run, him a child molester. Mi son tell mi, me son try kill himself, him molest him when he was 7,” a heartbroken Mr. Vegas said.

He explained to the woman that the Jamaica Constabulary Force was unable to do anything because the suspect had fled the country.

Mr. Vegas’ whose real name is Clifford Smith, has been very private about his family life, including his children, but he did mention that his children inspired him when he graduated from Broward Community College recently.