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Drake Celebrates His Mother Sandi Graham On Stage Leaving Her In Tears

Drake's mother Sandi Graham gets emotional on stage at his concert in New York City

Drake Sandi
Drake and his mom Sandi Graham on stage 2023

Drake’s love and respect for his mother is unending, and he’s ensuring that his fans know how much he adores her.

Drake’s mother, Sandi Graham, is well-known to fans, albeit because of his raps that would often refer to their conversations or her advice to him about life and other important matters. However, the rapper ensures that he gives Sandi her flowers and lets fans know how much he loves and appreciate her.

While out on tour for his ‘It’s All A Blur’ Tour in New York City on Tuesday night, momma Graham was out to support her baby boy at his sold-out event at Madison Square Gardens. Videos from the event showed Drake sitting on a couch with his mother where he rapped his song “Look What You’ve Done.”

Holding a black and white notebook, the rapper goes into an almost monologue-like introduction of the song where he speaks about their conversations and his thoughts about this life before telling her, “You love me and I love you,” and then hugging her.

Sandi appeared choked with emotions as the rapper went on to sing the chorus to her.

“Look what you’ve done for me…knew I was gonna be something,” he rapped about his mother believing in his dreams and supporting him.

Graham was smartly dressed in a neon yellow top and bottom set and wore a blonde wig and pink sunglasses. A fan of his music, she bopped her head at the lyrics and didn’t even flinch at the rapper cursing in the song.

“Look What You’ve Done,” originally released in 2011, is dedicated to Sandi, his uncle, and his grandmother, who helped to raise him.

Sandi and Drake’s relationship is one to model, and the rapper has not shied away from sharing the same with the public. Back in 2021, ahead of his Certified Lover Boy album release at the heights of Kanye West beefing with him, Sandi sent the rapper a reassuring note.

“It’s finally come, the countdown has reached one, with each new album my heart skips a beat, being your mother has been my life’s greatest treat,” she began the note.

“It’s been a long hard road together, now there’s one more day to go. I wanna celebrate you, son, more than you’ll ever know. Love you more now and forever,” the sweet note read.