Burna Boy Confirms He Bought Jada Kingdom A Birkin On Byron Messia’s “Talibans” Remix

Burna Boy and Byron Messia previews their "Talibans" remix and Jada Kingdom is set to return in an even bigger role

Burna Boy Jada Kingdom
Burna Boy, Jada Kingdom

Afrobeat artist Burna Boy is currently in Jamaica to celebrate his birthday, and he’s ensuring that everyone knows how he feels about Jada Kingdom as he teased a remix to Byron Messia’sTalibans.”

The artist was seen on video with Byron Messia as they vibed to his song “Talibans” at his resort property on Thursday. It seems that although a remix of “Talibans” is in the works and both artists gave a preview of the lyrics as Burna Boy seemingly confirmed that the rumors are true and he is involved with Jada Kingdom.

In a video, Byron Messia recites a verse in the song that mentions Jada Kingdom. Burna Boy also hops along the verse as he chimed in, “The best pum pum deh a Kingston, so mi buy a Birkin fi Jada Kingdom.”

The impromptu line replaces the original lines in the verse that reads, ‘Member me born Kingston/ They love party, forget love drink rum/ AK shake like a Jada Kingdom’.

Jada Kingdom has not addressed the rumors between her and Burna Boy, but she set fans talking after she was spotted wearing his “Damini” diamond chain on her neck.

She was also spotted with him on tour in London and then the Netherlands and had dinner in a group setting for his birthday. Burna Boy is currently staying in a luxury villa in Trelawny with members of his entourage as part of his birthday celebrations.

Jada Kingdom has not been spotted yet, although fans are convinced that he is on the island because of her.

Burna Boy turn up at Stone Love’s Weddy Weddy Wednesdays

In the meantime, Burna Boy turned up at Weddy Weddy Wednesdays in Kingston as he partied with Kingston’s finest.

The artist was celebrated by Jamaicans as he randomly popped up at the dancehall event.

Burna Boy was seen being led to the DJ booth, where he was welcomed by Stone Love DJs and quickly grabbed the mic where he performed verses from his song “Ye” and “It’s Plenty.”

“You know I love Jamaica, Jamaica is my second home so right now we’re vibing like we’re in our living room, you understand, this is Stone Love, riddim,” Burna Boy said.

Separately, Jada Kingdon is currently in St. Lucia, where she is performing for the first time.