Instagram Model Says She’s Pregnant For Davido Share Text Messages

A female who alleges that she got pregnant for Davido claimed she did not know he was a married man


A woman by the name of Anita Brown and ninatheelite on Instagram is calling out Afrobeats singer Davido’s fan base as she reveals that she is pregnant for the singer.

Brown went to great lengths to prove that she was pregnant as she took a pregnancy test on Instagram Live and posted dozens of receipts showing conversations between her and supposedly Davido where he asked her for an abortion and expressed regret for the extra-marital affair. The woman claimed that she was not aware that Davido was married.

“This married man narrative that y’all are dragging that I am going with a married man, no, cut it out, I did not know that he was married. On God. Go to his page, does it look like he’s married? I’m confused. Rest in peace to the child like people knew about the baby but nobody knew he got married. I’m an American, nobody knows,” she said.

Brown says she found out about Davido’s marriage at the time she revealed that she was pregnant.

Brown is the second woman to come out in recent weeks and reveal that she is pregnant for the “Unavailable” artist.

She shared a text where he seemingly admitted to cheating on his wife, but other women “handled” things to ensure it didn’t affect his marriage.

“U just came to my life to stress me,” one text read.

“Yea we had raw sex like ur the first look at all the problem u putting me thru…I’ve had girls that have genuinely looked out for me and [handled stuff like this cus they know my current situation cannot have this happen but no u wanna be different and stress me,” another read.

However, Brown said that “It’s been plenty of us that got pregnant since 2022 until now. Apparently they got rid of their babies.”

In another screenshot from Davido, the artist told Brown to “have the heart to reason my side. Meaning look out for me just this once. Pls do it for me baby. Just this once,” Davido begged her.

In another screenshot, Davido also revealed that the scandal was affecting his work as an artist and that the “world was calling” his phone.

The woman also claimed that she was never a one-night stand as she shared dozens of text messages exchanges with her and Davido, talking post-coitus and expressing feelings of affection and endearment to each other.

The woman also denied that she was after the Afrobeats artist for money as she revealed that she has a two million dollar net worth and that she owns properties in New York. “I own a community. If I ever need money it’s because it’s a lot going on & that comes with being an entrepreneur.”

In another post, the woman claims that she met Davido in 2017 in Dubai, and since then, they have maintained an on-and-off relationship that became a “long relationship” after the pandemic started.

She also posted messages of what she claims is a group chat with her and members of Davido’s family.

In one message, a person named Clarks says, “…you don’t intend to keep each other. The pregnancy was a mistake and you chose to keep the baby. Your choice is respected.”

In another message, the same family member also asks the woman if it is about money and whether she wasn’t another “contract.” She, however, denied knowing what the message was asking her.

She also shared that she was traveling with the artist and that her relationship with him was not necessarily a secret.