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Sukihana Gives YK Osiris ‘Grace and Forgiveness’ After Apology

Sukihana accepts YK Osiris apology and says she forgives him but also issued a warning to other rappers in the industry to respect her personal space

YK Osiris Sukihana
YK Osiris, Sukihana

Sukihana Tha Goat says she has forgiven YK Osiris amid calls for him to be canceled after he was seen touching her and kissing her without consent in a public place.

According to Sukihana, while her acceptance of his apology may not make sense to others, she is showing the rapper grace and forgiveness. The statement on Instagram started with Sukihana thanking fans who shared support for her before going into her accepting Osiris’ apology and how it made her feel.

“First, I want to acknowledge that YK Osiris has apologized to me both privately and publicly and I have chosen to accept his apology. God always forgives me and I can always forgive others,” she said, adding that her acceptance didn’t mean that she was excusing or lessening the severity of what he did.

“This is Destiny choosing to give grace to Osiris. He is young. It is my prayer that this experience will cause him and others to be more mindful and respect the personal boundaries of others,” she said.

Sukihana is known for her outrageous comments about sex and her sexually charged lyrics and actions, including her on a dog leash by NLE Choppa. However, she says her entertainer persona should be separated.

“I am human, a woman, a mother and daughter before I am an entertainer. No matter what my lyrics express, I still have boundaries and a right to have them,” she said.

She continued, “I am giving YK the grace and forgiveness that I wanted to be given to me as I was discovering and defining myself on this very public and sometimes unforgiving entertainment platform.”

Sukihana’s apology also appears to hinge on her recognizing that Osiris’ actions could have devastating effects on his already struggling career.

In her caption to the statement, she wrote, “I am a pro black woman and I am not into tearing black men down. This is something I am choosing to forgive him for. I love him and accept his apology. I would like to move on from this.”

Osiris has not said anything publicly since the incident. The rapper has since deleted the apology he made to Sukihana.

Since the incident on Wednesday, he has been publicly berated by many persons on social media for his lack of good judgement as he approached Sukihana, who is not known to him personally.

The two had exchanged flirty messages on social media days before his actions, with the 31-year-old telling Osiris she would “turn him out.”