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Casanova Attacked In Prison Face Slashed Days After Denouncing Gang

Casanova is the victim of a reported retaliation by gang members in prison after he denounced his affiliation ahead of his sentencing


Rapper Casanova has been attacked in jail as he awaits sentencing for federal drug charges.

The rapper reportedly received medical attention after being slashed during a “vicious” fight at the Essex County Correctional Facility in Newark on Thursday, NBC reported on Friday. According to the news report, the rapper was attacked by another inmate named Ulysses Lugo, who slashed his face.

Casanova, whose real name was Caswell Senior, had been sitting “and blood was just coming out of his face,” a correctional officer from the jail said on the ABC news report. The news report added that Casanova was slashed by Lugo, who was then chased down by others.

As for Lugo, his entire face and his uniform were “saturated in blood.” A snippet from the report said that Senior was on top of Lugo, and he slashed his face.

The jail does not know if a weapon was used during the attack. A spokesperson for the prison, Anthony Puglisi, said it was a “minor incident” and “whether weapons were employed is under investigation.”

The latest incident comes a week after Casanova was in court where he denounced his affiliation as a Blood Gang member and more than a year since he pleaded guilty to federal drugs charges and racketeering charges.

The rapper handed himself in to authorities in 2020 as part of a sweeping federal indictment involving 17 members of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation gang. Despite his previous statements that he was innocent, the rapper pleaded guilty in 2021 to one count of conspiring to violate the racketeering act and one count of conspiring to distribute over 100 kilograms of marijuana.

As for Casanova, the rapper is awaiting sentencing and could be facing a maximum of 60 years in jail. At a hearing last week, the rapper was allowed to mitigate his circumstances where he disassociated himself from the Blood gang and gang activities.