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Boosie Badazz Legal Warning For Rappers Before His Federal Arrest

Lil Boosie shares his lawyer ambitions after attending YNW Melly's murder trial

Boosie Badazz
Boosie Badazz

Boosie Badazz issued legal warning to the rap community a day before he was arrested by federal agents.

Chicago rapper Lil Durk shared his support for “Murder on My Mind” rapper YNW Melly who is presently on trial for allegedly murdering his two best friends, YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser. The trial for YNW Melly began on day two and has engulfed the hip hop/rap community as it observes another case by authorities where it is introducing supporting evidence in the form of rap lyrics.

Melly, 24, is facing two counts of first-degree murder in the killing of Chris’ YNW Juvy’ Thomas, 20, and Anthony’ YNW Sakchaser’ Williams, 21. The rapper, along with another member of the YNW Collective, Cortlen’ YNW Bortlen’ Henry, are accused by prosecutors of shooting their friends from within a grey jeep they were all in on October 26, 2018, then falsely claiming that the victims had been killed in a drive-by.

Melly has claimed not to be involved, but on Monday, in opening arguments, lead Prosecutor Kristine Bradley said the state had obtained contrary evidence sourced from data from phones, cell phone towers, and even the social media accounts of Melly which suggests that he was in the vicinity where the crime occurred.

Bradley also shared that on the night of the murder, Melly had been picked up from the murder scene by Frederick Givens II, better known as Fredo Bang.

Still, YNW Melly, who is facing the death penalty if convicted, is getting support from Boosie and Lil Durk.

On Tuesday, Lil Durk, who appeared to be watching the trial, left a comment on his Instagram Stories after Melly’s lawyer trial cross-examined a state witness where he suggested that evidence had been corrupted.

“Free @ynwmelly,” Durk wrote on his Instagram Story.

Boosie has also been showing the rapper support as he appeared in court and sat next to Melly’s mother for the second day in a row.

The rapper, who beat his own murder charges in 2012, has been fervent that Melly can beat his case.

“I’m not missing no more rap murder trials this sh*t is education no watching the defense n prosecution drop bars then looking at the jurors tryin to read them is crazy I want to study law, I wanna try it, I think I can be a defense attorney r at least help some attorneys out im motivated,” he wrote on Instagram.

It seems that Boosie’s post did get some folks’ attention, as several lawyers also said there was an open office waiting for him.

Fans also had a field day at the idea of Boosie as a defense attorney, given his anti-plea deal stance. “Bad Azz Law & Associates,” one fan wrote. “Boosie would be in contempt all the time and he wouldn’t tell his clients about the plea deals,” another fan said.

Attorney Nicole Moorman, who previously dated deceased rapper, Trouble, added, “Cmon Boosie, I have an office ready for you at my firm!”