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Boosie Badazz Threaded YFN Lucci’s 20-Year Plea Deal Offer

YFN Lucci gets huge support from Boosie Badazz after rejecting plea deal

Boosie Badazz

Boosie BadAzz has become quite the social commentator in the hip-hop world as he now purports to vouch for YFN Lucci’s innocence.

The Louisiana rapper has been vocal about crime in hip hop, particularly his anti-snitch stance against the likes of Gunna, and now it seems that the rapper has more to say about the RICO cases in Georgia, particularly YFN Lucci’s case, where he is facing dozens of charges including manslaughter and weapons charges.

On Saturday, Boosie Badazz went off in an Instagram video as he gave his opinion on the deal offered to YFN Lucci. The rapper was reportedly offered a 20-year deal for manslaughter and nearly a dozen of firearms and anti-gang charges, with 17 years to be served.

The offer has caused quite a stir in the hip-hop community, particularly as the District Attorney’s office listed Young Thug, Gunna, and Lil Baby as witnesses to be called in the trial. There are also reports that the D.A. has strong evidence against Lucci as an eyewitness saw a man shot in the head being pushed out of his vehicle.

However, Boosie gave a vouch of confidence for YFN Lucci, whom he believes committed the crimes he is charged with.

“I f**k with Lucci bruh this dude ain’t running no f**kin’ RICO n***a and I’mma say that,” Boosie said.

He continued, “N***a go home every night, man, to his family, man, he not killing, doing none of that, he going home every night. It’s a bad RICO, dawg.”

Boosie also questioned the eyewitness testimony for the manslaughter charge.

“How can a witness see from the outside if you get pushed out from the inside, think about it?” he asked. “Reasonable doubt I’m fighting it. He coulda opened the door his damn self. Ain’t no what tellin’ when you get shot,” he said.

He continued, “Rest in peace to Lucci boy, man. But they got that man f**ked up. Bout witness say, what the f**k she saw if she outside? “[Sounds] like a paid witness to me, that’s what it [sounds] like.”

YFN Lucci rejects plea deal offer

In the meantime, YFN Lucci’s attorney Drew Findling has confirmed that the deal circulating on the internet was a recent plea offer by prosecutors which he called “absurd.”

According to XXL Mag, the attorney, however, said his client has rejected the offer and will take his chances at trial.

“The absurd ‘plea offer’ being reported is accurate. Findling said. “However, a plea offer is not any indication of the likelihood of a plea and in fact, Mr Bennett is still waiting—after two and a half years in custody—to be given a potential trial date.”

The attorney also lamented the delay in bringing his client to trial by the D.A. while prosecuting other complex cases. No doubt he is speaking about the YSL trial, which is currently in the jury selection phase.

“Despite the obstacles consistently placed in the way of Mr Bennett’s constitutional right to a speedy and fair trial, we continue to be ready and prepared to defend these false allegations,” Findling added.