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G Herbo Confused Fans After Announcing he’s “Single”

G Herbo and Taina Williams might have broken up

Taina and G Herbo
Taina Williams and G Herbo

Rapper G Herbo says he’s single, causing fans to conclude that he and his fiancée Taina Williams have broken up.

The Chicago rapper has been accused of cheating on Williams several times over the course of their relationship, and it seems that things have finally ended between them. On his Instagram Stories, he wrote, “I’m single,” just hours after he publicly disagreed with Williams’s choice of clothing on her Instagram account.

G Herbo Instagram

The couple have been dating since 2019 and have two children, Essex and Emmy. G Herbo had unintentionally revealed that he and Williams were engaged back in 2020, but the wedding was nowhere in sight.

Earlier in the day, Taina, who has a deal with Fashion Nova, posted her trying on a cut-out romper showing off her trim stomach and breasts showing out. Herbo popped up in the comments section, seemingly disagreeing with her choice of wear.

“You coulda had on some boy shorts type sh*t,” Herbo.

It’s unclear if the couple were joking or is actually broken up, but fans have been commenting on the state of their relationship since he confessed that he cheated on Ari Fletcher with Taina Williams in 2019.

While on Caresha Please in December 2022, he was asked if he was a cheater.

“Am I a cheater? Naw, I wouldn’t say I’m a cheater. I’ve cheated though,” he said before Yung Miami asked if it was on Ari with Taina.

“Technically, yeah. I was young and I was dumb. I didn’t know no better. I was just doing sh*t. … I was just cheating. I ain’t gonna say I was just cheating but it’s like me and Ari was in a space—and I done talk to her about this already, I done already said my bid, my peace, and apologized. We was at a space, like I said, mentally like I be going through sh*t and I gotta like separate myself from sh*t. Me and her was having our differences but that was no excuse to cheat on her. That’s not why I cheated on her,” he said.

The rapper was also apologetic when told he cheated on Fletcher while she had postpartum depression.

In any case, Williams has been very quiet since Herbo’s post, but her comment section is punctuated by fans telling her to move on and find a “ball player” or some other man with their “hairline intact.”

Some fans remains confused as neither G Herbo or Taina Williams addressed the status of their relationship since he made the statement.