Bounty Killer Step Up To Assist Disabled Young Man Get Wheelchair

Bounty Killer assist Andre Coleman, who was born with a disability, secure a much needed wheelchair

Bounty Killer Coleman
Bounty Killer and Andre Coleman

Dancehall artiste Bounty Killer did not mince words on Saturday as he shared an important update on a disabled young man from Tower Hill, St. Andrew, who he said has needed a wheelchair for years and reached out for help from his member of Parliament, Prime Minister Andrew Holness, to no avail.

The Prime Minister has been facing serious heat this week after announcing hefty salary packages for him and the entire cabinet, some as much as 250-300% increases over the next three years. Many Jamaicans have taken to the streets to protest the move, especially since other public servants have received meager increases of a few million while the Prime Minister is set to collect close to $30 million next year, excluding other benefits funded by inflation-battered and exhausted taxpayers.

As part of his Bounty Killer Foundation in collaboration with Jamaican Canadian actress and child prodigy Jazmin Headley, the artist visited the Maxfield Park Children’s Home, where he shared that a disabled young man, Andre Coleman, is finally about to use an electric chair Headley managed to procure abroad.

According to Bounty, he was moved when he first met Coleman as the young man who was born with a locomotor disability, and he would often drag himself along the road to get from one point to another. The frustrated artist especially called out Holness for not doing anything to assist.

“I’m sure that the MP knows of Andre and his condition so why there hasn’t been a single effort to assist him in anyways or form says a lot about who cares for the ppl or it’s just their shares. I only met Andre like one year ago now in the streets partying full of life and my heart just could not be at ease each times I saw him traversing the streets on his hands,” Bounty Killer said.

The artist said that entertainment figure, Father Witty from Uptown Mondays, had raised funds from the weekly dancehall event to help Coleman get a wheelchair which assisted him for a while, but an electric chair was a better option given Coleman’s needs.

“Kudos for the effort electric wheelchairs not really cheap though but the MP could’ve sourced one without even had buy it out of his pockets. there is a true living god and they said a child shall lead the way reason being I went to the children’s home yesterday it’s bcuz of this little super child meet her @realjazzj [Jazmin Headley] she’s the one who sent the wheelchair for Andre and the barrels for the kids,” Bounty Killer said.


Fans of the artiste also shared their displeasure at the lack of action by the MP of the area, while others expressed joy at Bounty Killer doing what he could.

“I just like how bounty put a smile on the kid face,” one fan wrote.

Andre Coleman also shared a photo of himself and Bounty Killer at a party last year, where he said the artiste has been looking out for him.

“A from a taller time @grungaadzilla a look out fimi loads a respect 1general,” he captioned the photo.

The artiste also responded, “Weh unuh deh wen a duh road that was in pandemic Law Thursdays clock burn penn.”