DJ Envy Calls Rick Ross A Correctional Officer As Beef Gets Personal

DJ Envy and Rick Ross's car show beef gets personal

Rick Ross DJ Envy
Rick Ross, DJ Envy

The ongoing feud between DJ Envy and Rick Ross has heated up as the former dons a Correctional Officer uniform on the set of The Breakfast Club.

DJ Envy is firing back at Rick Ross yet again following the back and forth that ensued between the two this weekend. In his latest response, the radio host decided to wear a full-on CO uniform to work to joke about the rapper’s former career.

“I got my Corrections Officer outfit on,” Envy said. “Friday Ross went at me for 10, 12 hours, I could tell he was rattled,” he continued. “So I wore this today to make him feel a little more comfortable.” The Breakfast Club host went on to joke about Ross being a CO and that he still gets pension payments from Corrections.

Rick Ross originally made some less than favorable comments about DJ Envy’s Memphis car show which is what sparked the feud. “Since we on our car show, DJ Envy, you’ll never be on my level,” the rapper previously said. “For one, you do car shows with rappers and my dead homies. So what you doing in Memphis, that’s for Dolph and I believe Dolph legacy should live on. But make sure every penny you make, you donate to Dolph family.” Ross also said the radio host does not have anyone driving from out of state to come to his car show.

DJ Envy had fired back last week on The Breakfast Club, where he played and reacted to the audio message. The radio host made fun of the fact that Ricky Rozay sometimes rents out his personal home. “Let’s be honest right? Ross, you airbnb’ed your home. The house that you sleep in. Eddie Murphy slept in your bed. They shot ‘Coming to America’ and Eddie Murphy man milked your bed,” Envy said on The Breakfast Club.

“You think Jay-Z would rent the crib out that he sleeps in? 50 Cent would never! He’s never rented out his crib that he slept in, that he lives in. Any of your favorite rappers – do you think Lil Wayne would rent out the crib that he sleeps in and have another man put man milk in his bed? …I got more than one house but people don’t sleep in my bed,” he added.

Envy went on to say his car show is for the community. “We do things for the community. I’m not that guy that’s gonna charge somebody $500 to get in because I couldn’t sleep with myself. What we do is we charge for people like me when I grew up and I couldn’t afford certain things and we were looking for that discount. That’s why we start our prices at $19.99 because we want families to come; we want families to enjoy. Family can’t pay $500 and we get people from all over the country that come to our car shows.”

DJ Envy teamed up with Paper Route for the upcoming event – which is Young Dolph’s company. Ergo, proceeds will, in fact, go to the departed rapper’s estate. The Breakfast Club host posits that Ross, who has his own upcoming car show this month, has not been selling tickets for his event and attributes the rapper seemingly perpetuating the back and forth to that claim. “He’s doing it because he’s tryna sell tickets. I didn’t reply,” Envy said.

In response to Envy’s slight about Rozay renting out his personal home, the rapper responded with a proposal where he invited Envy, who he refers to as “DJ Envious,” and his “seven sons” to come clean his pool. “You got a job, you work. I’m kinda confused, you talking to a boss and you got a job that you got to report to. Don’t get fired by that white man,” Rick Ross said.

In response, DJ Envy, who came to work dressed as a Corrections Officer, shouted out his actual boss, iHeart Media owner Robert Pittman and said Rick Ross’ boss is the Miami warden. “That is the truth, that is Rick Ross boss. Rick Ross still gets a pension from the Corrections,” Envy quipped. He went on to add that the rapper started off as a football player and was kicked off the team for watching the boys shower, only to become a CO and do the same thing.

Both Rick Ross and DJ Envy have a car show scheduled in the coming weeks. Envy’s, which will celebrate the late Young Dolph, will be hosted in Memphis at noon on May 28. Meanwhile, Rozay’s show is slated to happen on June 3 though he is under pressure from the city council to cancel.

“I wish Rick Ross the best in his car show,” Envy said in the end. “Because it’s all fake and it’s all lies. Everything you do is a lie. And I’m so surprised you been rattled. You’re Rick Ross but you going at me. You said I’m not on your level but you proved that I am because every sentence and every mention is me. You sleep with me on your mind. He wants to see me in the shower!” He then congratulated Rick Ross on becoming a grandfather and joked that he can now get discounts at iHop.

Clearly, this feud is getting progressively worse, and neither party has shown willingness to bow out. Will this continue past the actual car show events? Only time will tell.