Queen Ifrica Calls Out Minister Marion Hall For Taking Jab At Spice

Queen Ifrica tells Minister Marion Hall "you run go a church outta fear"

Marion Hall Queen Ifrica Spice
Marion Hall, Queen Ifrica, Spice

Queen Ifrica is calling out Minister Marion Hall, formerly Lady Saw, for her continued comments and barbs directed at Spice.

Over the weekend, Hall went on an extensive rant as she claimed that unknown persons had been criticizing her body, including her breasts which she went on to say are her real natural breasts, not implants.

“Ah my titty them, come on, some people well want something like this. Leave me alone. I will not let you satanic. I can’t tan unu. Unu come hitch up around God people and act as if… these are mine, ah fi me dem, ah fi dem, ah my titty dem, God give me dem, blessed body,” Spice said as she broke out in a rhyme while clapping.

“It’s mine, look at it,” she said as she showed her butt to the camera. “I care zero I am not watching you…if you have a problem with my blessed body talk to God,” she continued.

Hall’s comments have drawn much criticism as many believe that she was referring to her natural body as a way to shade or bully the new Queen of Dancehall, Spice, whom she offered prayers for earlier this year after Spice was reportedly in a coma following alleged plastic surgery complication.

Queen Ifrica shared some words for Minister Marion Hall

On Wednesday, Queen Ifrica also told Hall to “cut out the f***ery” and stop trying to shade Spice.

“Unu go look inna the history ah the name dem weh mi a call and the contribution the name dem make to the destruction weh ah happen inna Jamaica right now and I just want to say to you Saw when time J Capri dead, you run go a church outta fear. Ah not because you did tired a nuh badmind or nothing, the thing did look spooky and you run go a church,” Ifrica said on a video circulating on social media.

“You say you give your life to God and we deh a watch you and we see say you inna this wrestling with God because you really never ready fi leggo dancehall and secular music yet but you nuh go inna relationship with the creator fi say all right it is what it is and me really have likkle godliness when it is all said and done, none of this nuh look how it supposed to look,” she said adding that Hall did not make any effort to work hard like other gospel artists to show that she is done with worldly things.

Marion Hall
Minister Marion Hall / UI

She also said Hall has not been genuine in any of her actions and has deliberately caused ‘bangarang’ to get back into dancehall music.

“Now you make Joe Bogdanovich dem bloodc***t and Skatta Burrell dem ah pull you out now fi come out inna secular world and you deh deh now and you not even humble inna you transition…so all right you ah come back to secular, do it in a way weh we can actually can welcome you in a decent and proper way nuh Saw,” the reggae Rastafarian artist said.

She also called her out for bullying Spice continually.

“Why you ah talk about ah fi yuh titty dem and fi yuh batty? Lowe the girl, she do her body and she weh she do to herself and she really a try fi move on from it, so nuh body come join back the line with no titty and breast argument and dem suppen deh.”

Queen Ifrica also urged Hall to call Spice and “set back dancehall pon the female side” and show love and unity to each other rather than behaving like it’s a competition to “bulldoze” the place.

The artist added that she had no animosity towards Hall, noting that she was acting like an imposter, but she needs not to because she is the ‘greatest Lady Saw’ and she’s admired by many other female artists who do not view her as competition.

Minister Marion Hall has not responded to Ifrica, but she has been on social media stirring up attention for her debut as Marion Hall at Reggae Sumfest this year. Many believe that this is the re-entry of Lady Saw into dancehall.