I-Octane’s Daughter Injured In Car Crash Caused By Reckless Taxi Driver

I-Octane thankful his daughter is doing okay after a serious car crash


Dancehall artiste I-Octane is giving thanks that his daughter was not more seriously hurt following a serious car accident caused by a reckless taxi driver.

On Thursday (May 3), the 39-year-old singer shared photos of his daughter Dejay Muir and the damaged vehicle. I-Octane first gives God thanks while sharing a photo of his daughter wearing a neck brace. The Hyundai Tucson she was traveling in was overturned on the top after being hit by the taxi driver who ran a red light.

“A taxi man break the one way and almost kill my big daughter,” the singer wrote. “Me vex yuh f$$k but me nah cuss because GOD save her life, she’s in alot of pain but she have life. Listen this all taxi man/ hustler in Jamaica… I am from the streets / ghetto and me understand say we as ghetto people afi hustle but please remember to do so without killing/ hurting a next human Being while you at it.”

I-Octane has been getting a ton of support from his fans and fellow artists who shared comments on his post.

“AH KNOOOOO STAR Fada God Thank you for sparing her Life Speedy recovery Bro Bro continue pray [praying hands emoji] We Dehyah a pray too,” dancehall producer Seanizzle wrote. One Canadian fan wrote, “Driving in Jamaica for two weeks now coming from Canada almost everyday me drive is a near miss accident with dem taxi drivers yah.”

It’s unclear if the artist is in Jamaica or overseas, but he’s primarily based in Florida over recent years. Octane recently announced his new EP is coming sometime this month. Octane also recently got into a lyrical beef with Khago, which was short-lived after the two artists traded several diss tracks.

Urban Islandz tried to reach I-Octane for a comment but did not immediately get a response from his team, but we’re sending well wishes to him and his daughter.