Bounty Killer Reacts To Activist Video About “LGBT Agenda” In Kingston

Bounty Killer has sound off against the alleged promotion of "LGBT Agenda" in Kingston's Halfway Tree

Bounty Killer
Bounty Killer

Bounty Killer is blasting LGBT rights activists for an advertisement placed in public in Half Way Tree, Kingston. The artist shared his thoughts in response to a news article this week where an advocate blasted the placing of the ads as targeting young people.

“Wha gwan desso- you could not tell whether or not that person was really male or female… The promotion of the LGBT agenda in Jamaica is happening right here in Half Way Tree and I understand in Sam Sharpe Square,” the advocate says in response to what appeared to be a man with hair styled as a woman.

“I challenge the people of Jamaica to stand up against this evil agenda which is confusion. Right smack in the middle of HWT where they have all the students particularly this is targeting a particular audience and it is trying to get in an insidious. I want to charge the media and those in charge of our outdoor advertising, not to capitulate to their money…Don’t tek money from these people, it is nastiness…it is destructive to our families, our culture and country,” the advocate said.

He also pointed out that a bible verse directed Christians to get loud and expose “these evil things.”

“Big up. Stand for righteousness. And to those involved in this kind of thing… don’t promote this sleight of hand, covert type of attacks or influencing…May the lord challenge you to repent.”

Bounty Killer seemed to agree with the advocate and used slurs to refer to the LGBT community.

“HOW DI BL********TH DIS A GWAAN AND EVERYBODY SILENT BOUT. F*****TISM IS NOT JAMAICAN Leggo bout ya else enuh all going to sorry last warning,” the artist said.


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Bounty Killer has always held firm to his anti-gay stance. The artist does not have an American visa and is unable to travel to that country.

In year back, Bounty also disagreed with Beenie Man issuing an apology for blasting the LGBT community in his music. Beenie Man issued an apology in 2012 for his music from decades past, but Bounty Killer raked him over coals and accused him of apologizing because of money.

“Me can’t ever put a dollar over Jamaica and its culture. If it wasn’t for dancehall and its culture I don’t know where or who I’d be today. Mi nuh sorry fi nothing that I said or sang; I am sorry to know it offended anybody but that’s how I see it. My views and beliefs, all I can say is that homosexuals fi stop try ban we shows and dancehall must leave dem alone to God still and let peace reign,” Bounty Killer had said in a statement to Urban Islandz.

Some fans are reacting to Bounty Killer’s statement in agreement that children shouldn’t be forced to consume these content.

“You have to learn about it in schools in England the youths don’t have a choice, the teacher asked my son what he think of them and he said it’s weird, now they are fighting him badly,” one fan wrote. “Sad world we live in where our children are being forced to become and accept, it’s just not right. They’re using the entertainers to push it. These artist need to stop caring about the money and care about how they are damaging our culture. If that’s what you choose be that don’t force it. There’s a lot of deaf and disabled people that’s being treated unfairly in this world why not force everyone to be an advocate for them.

On the other hand, some fans urged activists and artists like Bounty Killer to channel their focus and energy elsewhere.

“Waste of energy this… Put your time towards something constructive rather then messing with other people business which doesn’t affect you in the slightest,” one fan said.