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Bounty Killer Blast Beenie Man Over Gay Apology: “mi nuh like gays and dem nuh like”

Dancehall icon Bounty Killer has stepped forward to make his stance clear on the issue of gay rights and reggae/dancehall music.

In a message sent to Urban Islandz inbox, Bounty Killer calls out his longtime nemesis Beenie Man for his public statement showing support for the gay community and apologizing for homophobic lyrics he did decades ago.

According to Bounty Killer, it is because of money why Beenie Man is afraid of the gay community.

Read the statement from the Warlord below.

GRUNGGADZILLA: “Me can’t ever ever say it twice put a dollar over Jamaica and it’s Culture if it wasn’t 4 dancehall and it’s Culture where or who ‘d I be today mi nuh sorry fi ntn that I said or song I’m sorry to know it offended anybody but that’s just how I see it my views and beliefs all I can say batty man fi stop try ban we shows and dancehall must just leave dem alone unto god still and let peace rein we can’t change the times but if not batty man ago dead a Jamaica some p—y get fraid a batty bwoy thru money when since a money control Jamaicans morals leave the Gold n save unuh Bloodcl–th Souls wah unuh fi say is Gays must Stop Fight We Music and We Must Leave Gays Alone that’s it f bout Apology inna unuh Muma mi nuh like gays and dem nuh like me so wah if mi affi go say mi rate gays to make a dollar a figurine mi a start sell again a swear pon mi mother dead body mi nuh tolerate Gays but I learn to accept and tolerate whatever I can’t change in earth and the rest of fassy artistes who a gwaan like a nuh dem a get ban so a nuh fi dem problem it all name dancehall music plus we are the Heads of it so when dem chop off the Heads dem what’s gonna happen to all unuh the hands and the foot dem or lims bloodcl–th unuh a idiot dem know unuh nuh so powerful so unuh aint no threat laugh mi a laugh Europe mi deh and dem banned a couple of my shows I never ball or talked about it mi just sing mi song dem that dem nuh like if I did came here and dem leave mi shows dem alone I ‘d by pass those songs bcuz mi nuh short of songs but if Mi Hungry Again Dem Ago See Mi Nine Simple Real Jamaica Lets Stand Up Yow dem get what dem want dancehall not putting out no music about killing gays no more niether none of us going on stage and say such things any more we may shun dem but diplomatically but no Inciting of Violence 4 the last 6-7yrs am I lying VP GreenSleeve Itunes Amazon nuh where putting out no Homophobic songs so what more dem bloodcl–th want unuh blind”

Bounty Killer also weighs in on Twitter shortly after the Beenie Man video message went viral.


  1. Somebody tell this guy what a full stop is.

  2. shingirayi nehumba

    beenie dem a fish & bog op 2 bounty

  3. Beennie, him a sellout.

  4. SIGNS of the times………..who use to stand up for the father will go against when the $$$$$$ is a factor….sad…..Beenie man ah big let down.

  5. Stand up BOUNTY. Much respect for this piece to beenie.

  6. jamaica blackman was strong slave but they getting weak.demon taking over they afraid , selling teir soul for money.

  7. I LOVE THE WAY D ANGEL DIS BENNIEMAN> SHE KNOW HE FROM KC COLLEGE AND HE NOT A REAL MAN.many years ago rasta say bennie was a fake rastaman.a true.

  8. the pastor cn talk about wrong to us weed , it wrong to kill, wrong to hate, poor hungry, one part of the earth rich and one part poor, jealous. pastor afraid to say the eye , ears , heart, kidney, stomach , feet, hand even the nail has their functions of the body, the way people talk, walk, dress does not make them gay is when man to man use anus for sex that what wrong. it made to get rid of waste food. no one can change my mind. if you have no vagina no penis , no uterus the anus made to get rid of food the body does need.bennieman weak and sell his soul for money and visa.bennieman not suffering ne has money.

  9. d ie like a woman angel treat bennieman like a woman and treat bounty like aman. anus has it function when the body does need the rest of food it for the bathroon.anus made for a purpose to get rid of food.

  10. told yah beenie nw Bounty is on yah a$$ big tym.

  11. To o gayz,pliz accept di apology n God’s nem.

  12. To o gayz,accept th apology n gud’s nem.