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Summer Walker Shares How James Brown Influence Her Music

Summer Walker shares update on her upcoming EP "Clear 2: Soft Life" and how James Brown influences her music

Summer Walker
Summer Walker

R&B singer Summer Walker dropped a big hint on Tuesday as she revealed the type of music fans should look out for in her upcoming EP Clear 2: Soft Life.

Summer Walker revealed two weeks ago, while performing at J Cole’s Dreamville Festival, that she was getting ready to drop the EP, her first body of work for 2023. Fans received a preview on Tuesday from the artist, who shared a snippet of a new song on her Tik Tok account. The song “White Tee” features artist “NO1- NOAH”.

“Are you my next single? Bc I’m tryna hit (new music rizz),” She captioned the video.

Walker also shared a video on her Instagram account where she hinted that fans would be getting soul music similar to the James Brown era. In the video, Summer is seen dancing with her oldest child, Bubbles, and her mother, who says they are enjoying some James Brown music. Summer drops it low and dances, and her daughter, who is held on her hips, also wants to get in on the action. Bubbles also buss a few moves while her mother and grandmother look on.

“lol this is the same music my mom made sure I grew up on, all old school, a major contribution to my craft today. Soul Soul & more Soul. Clear 2 otw may 19th,” she captioned the video.

The artist’s upcoming EP is a follow-up to her project Clear, released in 2019. Walker revealed earlier this month that she was releasing the project more than a year after blessing fans with Still Over It, released in 2021.

On Tik Tok, fans expressed excitement at the music preview. “Do not play, I’m ready to slide down the wall & cry,” Summer said.

“Show them what tf is up baybee,” another fan wrote. “This better be a f**k girl album,” another person said.