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NLE Choppa’s Ex-GF Marissa Da’Nae Reveal She Is Pregnancy With His 2nd Child

Rapper NLE Choppa expecting his second child after his "ex" Marissa Da’Nae shares pregnancy

Marissa DaNae NLE Choppa
Marissa Da’Nae, NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa is soon to be a father as his “ex” girlfriend Marissa Da’Nae revealed on Tuesday night that they are expecting a child more than six months after she revealed they had a miscarriage and subsequently broke up.

Both of them made quite a scene about the breakup, with her crying and having a meltdown on the internet about coping with the breakup. The 27-year-old went off on a rant on Tuesday after NLE Choppa shoots his shot at Megan Good on Twitter.

The 19-year-old rapper shouted out the newly divorced actress but did not get a reply. However, his girlfriend did reply as she called him out for abandoning her during her pregnancy.

“I really been trying to hold it down and keep it together. But I’m really honestly just fed tf up. You constantly trying to holla at folks, take folks on dates and etc but you have failed to show up for your child! That YOU PAID FOR ME TO HAVE! You think because you may pay a doctor bill or send a few dollars for certain sh*t that changes the fact that you’re absent as f**k!” she blasted the “Shotta Flow” artist.

She went on to share several sonograms of the baby in an advanced stage, and she also shared a video of NLE injecting her stomach area in what looks like an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) procedure.

“I’ve had 31 appointments since we’ve placed our child in my stomach, and you have not showed up to one because you’re working and busy. accepted it at the moment but you’re telling me, you don’t got time for doctor’s appointments, but you got time to wanna take folks on vegan dates? You got time to continue to shoot your shot but not for your kid?? You got time to wanna fall in love with someone else and age ain’t nothing but a number but have [not] showed up for your child? I’ve seen you TWICE MY WHOLE PREGNANCY AND IM PAST HALF WAY Done! If you was doing wtf you was suppose to be doing, I wouldn’t be able to say anything bout what you’re doing. I tried to do sh*t your way, let you paint this picture and etc. but you literally are not doing what you suppose to do and I have a mf problem,” she continued in the lengthy IG story.

In other posts, she also addressed criticisms from fans who pointed out that NLE Choppa was a 19-year-old who is barely responsible enough to be a father, but she chose to continue a relationship with the rapper despite revealing they broke up.

She, however, denied that they broke up.

“We never broke up. Only said that to the public so y’all would stop sending sh*t to me and nobody would be in his business anymore. It’s more to the story but I let him paint his picture,” she said.

In another post, she wrote, “these folks why l’m really mad ni***! Cause you ain’t doing yo mf part but ready to be in the next woman’s face! …Tell them folks why I really was crying, cause I was enjecting myself with five different medicines.”

She captioned the IVF photo, “This wasn’t no accident ni*** we did this sh*t on purpose so you should. PURPOSELY BE HERE!”