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NLE Choppa’s Ex-GF Marissa Da’Nae Shares Emotional Clip After Breakup

NLE Choppa and his estranged girlfriend Marissa Da’Nae have parted ways and it appears she is not handling their split well.

They both separately confirmed the breakup on social media, with Marissa sharing an emotional video on Thursday as she spoke about how hard it is coping with her new reality. “Honestly, how hard it is for me to get up, and face reality because this was not my reality a week ago. I can’t tell y’all; how hard it is because I love so hard and I love harder and harder and harder every time and this one hurts the most because I really thought I was gonna marry this man,” she said in a video as she cried.

“I’m trying to be strong and it’s hard,” she added.

In another video, Marissa, 21, said that she was “completely in shambles” and had knots in her stomach, couldn’t eat, and had been crying uncontrollably since the breakup. “My anxiety is through the roof… I loved the hell out that man,” she said.

On Monday, NLE Choppa, whose real name is Bryson Potts, revealed on Twitter that he was single. “I Am Single, Im Man Enough To Admit I’m Not Ready, And I Have Some Growing To Do,” the rapper tweeted.


Marissa Da’Nae and the Memphis rapper were linked sometime in 2021. The couple earlier this year shared the tragic news that Marissa had a miscarriage earlier in the year. She was carrying a son whom they had named Seven.

The “Walk Em Down” rapper has not reacted to the video by Marissa. On Twitter, he shared that he was in Calgary, Canada. It also appears that the breakup is not easy for Choppa, who hinted at his struggle.

“Detaching & letting go truly is a task for the strong. It’s tough but has to be done for GROWTH,” he wrote in a tweet.

Neither of them has shared the reason for the breakup but Marissa also shared a few tweets where she spoke about her love for the rapper.

“Bryson was really the best man I’ve ever had. But we all have to learn and grow. As much as I try to show him I’m in his corner, some journeys he wants to take alone. I have built a family with this man, a relationship with this man, a deep meaningful bond,” she wrote in one tweet.

“hope it doesn’t hurt long, but I’m willing to take as much time to heal. When you’ve both being working towards y’all’s future and then one day it’s snatched away, it can seem so hard and painful. But I know I’ll be okay and he will prosper to a better man in the end,” she added.

“You could be the best thing that ever happened to someone, but if they are not internally prepared for that it simply will not matter,” another said.