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Chloe Bailey Dishes On Her Relationship With Gunna Since Release From Jail

Chlöe Bailey says Gunna is doing good since his release from jail

Chloe Gunna
Chloe Bailey, Gunna

Chloe Bailey laughed off questions about her “dear friend” Gunna but noted that they continue to have a platonic relationship despite his recent incarceration.

Gunna was released from prison days before Christmas last year after spending almost seven (7) months in jail after he was arrested along with Young Thug and 26 other defendants as part of a sweeping indictment for racketeering in Georgia.

The rapper’s Alford Plea deal seems to have caused a falling out for his career and the hip-hop community that now views him as a “snitch.” In the months since his release, Gunna has been very quiet and out of the public eye, but as the YSL trial continues, his career seems to be fading away in the background.

Despite all of that, Bailey, who was on the Big Boys Neighborhood podcast recently, says the rapper has been doing well since his release.

Chloe Bailey laughed uncontrollably when she was asked about her relationship with Gunna in light of his arrest. “I mean we don’t really talk about personal type of things but he’s doing good,” she said.

When asked what she meant, she continued, “I always wish him the best. He’s always been a dear friend of mine so I want to make sure he’s okay.”

She also added that she hasn’t seen him physically, presumably since his arrest and release confirming that there is no romantic involvement between her and the “Pushing P” rapper.

Chloe Bailey and Gunna sparked dating rumors last year after they were spotted out several times on what appeared to be dates where Gunna held her hand. That came after Gunna shoot his shot at her in 2021 following her sexy VMAs performance.

Later, Gunna also confirmed in an interview that he was into Chloe. In later interviews, Chloe also admitted she wrote her song, “For The Night,” after Gunna’s comments.

Gunna also fuelled rumors about the two when he was questioned about her, and he visibly blushed at the mention of her name.

However, whatever romance was budding between them was quickly nipped after he was charged with conspiracy to violate Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) act.

Chloe Bailey has also been silent since his arrest and has not publicly offered any words of comfort to the rapper. However, it seems that she is not taking a hard stance against the rapper, who seems alienated by many figures in hip-hop due to his plea deal in the YSL Rico case.