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Latto Launches ‘777 Radio’ Show, Gets Reaction From Nicki Minaj Barbz

Latto lands her own radio show "777 Radio" on Apple Music with Chloe Bailey as her first guest and earning a response from Nicki Minaj fans

Chloe Bailey Latto
Chloe Bailey, Latto / Apple Music

Latto has announced her entry into the world of broadcasting as she revealed the trailer for her 777 Radio show to be hosted by Apple Music.

The Atlanta rapper announced on Monday as she also revealed that Chloe Bailey is the first guest on the show’s premiere episode airing on Thursday, March 30 at 11 AM PST. This marks the rapper’s first radio show, and it’s likely to generate a broad cross-section of listeners due to Apple’s global live-streaming platform being available across the world.

The rapper released a trailer announcing the radio show in which she is spotted wearing a flight attendant outfit while addressing a passenger – herself in a private jet.

“Welcome aboard 777 Air. I’m Big Latto, and I’ll be your flight attendant today,” she says on the loudspeaker. “Please make sure to put the BS on aeroplane mode and leave all your baggage at home. ‘Cause we goin’ outside, baby. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride,” she says as she winks at the passenger.

Apple Music also announced that Chloe Bailey would be the first guest on the show.

“Now boarding: 777 Air. Get ready for the first episode of @Latto’s #777Radio this Thursday at 11 AM PT on Apple Music 1 with special guest @ChloeBailey,” Apple Music said.

Many of Latto’s fans reacted to the announcement with excitement, with others seemingly claiming that Latto was copying Nicki Minaj, who has her own Queen Radio broadcast, even though a series of celebrities are heading into the broadcast world like Yung Miami with Caresha Please.

“Y’all are tryna force this lady to be a star and it’s not working,” one of Latto’s critics said. “Bootleg queen radio [laughing emoji] literally nobody tuning in,” one Minaj fan said.

“Nothing is cute about being a copycat. Like COME ON NOW!!!!,” another said.

“Not Latto got that lady’s deal,” one of Latto’s fans mocked Minaj’s fans’ claims.

In a release, Latto shared that the radio show will not be about drama but more about her guests on a personal level, while she will also seek to offer a platform to other artists and the music she likes.

“I’m going to keep it very personal and play what I actually listen to,” the release said. “I’m going to highlight new artists that I feel like the world needs to hear, artists that I think deserve more spotlight. I listen to a lot of female rap, so definitely supporting the girls, and definitely a lot of Southern music.”

In the meantime, the name of the show comes from Latto’s recent album 777, released last year with the award-winning track “Big Energy.” The artist recently released her new track, “Lottery,” featuring rising artist Lu Kala.