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YFN Lucci Refused To Rat On Young Thug Court Documents Reveal

A newly released court documents shows that YFN Lucci was subpoena to testify against Young Thug but refused to signed the document

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A court documents dated January 9, 2023, purportedly shows that authorities unsuccessfully attempted to effect personal service on YFN Lucci to appear as a witness in the Young Thug YSL Rico trial.

Young Thug and a dozen other defendants are currently on trial in relation to dozens of charges for racketeering, murder, gang crimes, and other related offenses prosecutors say were committed between 2012-2022.

YFN Lucci was arrested last May and has been incarcerated at Cobb County jail as the trial, which is still at the jury selection stage, goes on. For months there have been speculation and rumor that YFN Lucci might appear as a witness to testify against Young Thug.

Lucci is also behind bars at Fulton County jail in relation to a separate RICO indictment. He and Young Thug have been enemies for many years, and prosecutors claimed that Young Thug was behind the murder attempt on his life while at Fulton County jail.

However, it seems that Lucci is not cooperating with authorities to appear as a witness in Thug’s trial. In an affidavit, process server Lieutenant Justin French said that he attempted to effect personal service on YFN Lucci, whose real name is Rayshawn Bennett, on February 14, 2023, but that the rapper refused to acknowledge or sign for the document.

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Young Thug and Gunna mugshots

The document said Bennett is a “witness in a criminal case,” who was served with a Subpoena for Attendance for Witness. The Subpoena was served on Lucci at Fulton County jail, but he “refused to sign.”

The latest development comes months after prosecutors revealed Lucci’s name on an extensive list of witnesses they planned to call during the trial. Last December, during a pre-trial hearing, prosecutor Don Geary revealed that Lucci would testify.

The prosecution’s case is that Thug’s music outfit, YSL is a gang responsible for many crimes, including the 2015 murder of Lucci’s manager Donovan Thomas in which Thug paid for the rental and was allegedly used by his ‘associates’ to kill him.

Prosecutor Don Geary had also revealed back in June (2022) while opposing bail for Thug, that he was also behind an attempt on the life of Lucci’s mother years ago and sang about it in “Bad Boy” with Juice WRLD.

“At some point, Lucci’s mother was shot at and a song comes out with “Bad Boy” that says, ‘better watch the way you breathe around me, for that breath be your last one, Smith and Wesson 45 put a hole in his heart, you better not play with me, killers stay with me. I shot at his mommy now he no longer mention me’. We believe that Mr Williams doesn’t sing about random acts, he sings about gang acts that he’s a part of or his gang participates in,” Prosecutor Geary said.

Shortly after the prosecution’s announcement in December, Lucci’s attorney Drew Findling denied that the rapper would be testifying since he hadn’t been subpoenaed or agreed to be a witness.