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Lola Brooke Link With Latto and Yung Miami For “Don’t Play With It” Remix

Lola Brooke join forces with Latto and Yung Miami on the remix for her hit "Don't Play With It"

Lola Brooke
Lola Brooke

Lola Brooke has tapped fellow rappers Yung Miami and Latto for the remix of her song “Don’t Play With It,” and the rappers were spotted out in New York filming a video for the remix on Monday.

However, the shoot wasn’t completed as Brooke shared that NYPD “shut my video shoot down before it even started on Monday night. Videos of the three rappers linking up have gone viral, showing them surrounded by a throng of people and cameras while they sing along to lyrics playing.

Brooke’s song featured Billy B and was produced by Dizzy Banko, and was originally released in May 2021. However, the song only blew up more than a year after release after becoming a sampled hit on Tik Tok in late 2022. The track is the breakout hit for both Lola Brooke and Billy B.

Meantime, Latto and Yung Miami both appeared to have verses on the remix. In the video BTS shared by fans, Yung Miami wearing a grey bodysuit appears to rap a verse where she says “Diddy he ok with it, no shade with it no shade with it,” in the video.

Latto wearing a yellow two-piece outfit, also sings along with Brooke’s verse and is seen in another video rapping her own verse.

“Got a lot of mfs speaking on that’s ain’t done sh*t/drop that hunnid on a penny…they can’t stand to see me winning, so they break it off/ be choking no mediocre,” she raps in front of the crowd.

Many fans welcomed the collaboration, but there were also a lot of suggestions for Lola in choosing features. Some felt that JT might have been a better fit for the song and Latto could stay, while some felt Latto had the better verse between her and Yung Miami.

“Should’ve been jt like im not being a biased barb rn but jt would’ve ate this up we all know this,” one JT fan said.

Another Latto fan, however, said, “LATTTOO IS COMING WITH THE.”

One of Lola’s fans said, “This was the perfect time for Lola Brooke to grab Remy, Foxy, and Lil Kim for the remix…… NOT NO DAMN LATTO & CARESHA!”