Spice Apologize For Fake Pregnancy Photo: “I never said I was pregnant”

Spice says her fake pregnancy photo was not meant to offend anyone and issued an apology


Spice is not pregnant despite tricking the entire world into believing that she was, and now she has apologized after some blowback.

The Queen of Dancehall is notorious for pulling off PR stunts like this one this week when she posted a baby bump photo seemingly announcing she was pregnant. Although a lot of folks were skeptical, she also fooled a lot of her celebrity friends, including Nicki Minaj and Jada Kingdom, who congratulated her on Instagram.

Spice hopped on her Instagram Live on Friday to explain to her fans what has been going on with her since her health scare in October last year and whether or not she is really pregnant. The first thing that was very clear was that she is not with child. The second thing was that she apologized for offending some folks who may have trouble having children.

“I never said I was pregnant, I said God has been good to me,” Spice said in her Live video. “That picture is just for me celebrating my new life. It’s me celebrating my journey my walk. It’s me wanting that picture to blow up and put in my house to remember that there is a God. To remember that I got a second chance at life. To remember that I have a new life.”

“So from time to time if you hear me speaking about my first life and my second life do not think am crazy,” Spice continues. “Because I died in my first life. And I was give a second chance at life and I do not take that for granted.”

Spice also issued an apology to folks who found her PR stunt offensive.

“It was never intentionally done for the picture to offend anyone,” she said. “So if it did offend anyone I apologize and am sorry if it offended you, but it was never about anything or anyone, any woman that can’t get pregnant I sympathize. I have friends and family that went through different things, miscarriages.”

Spice also released a new song, “God A Bless,” but she insisted that this moment is not about new music and not about promoting her music but about telling her story and thanking God for a second chance at life.

Spice also confirms that she will be live in action at her upcoming shows in Cayman, New York, and Jamaica. She also detailed her medical emergency in the Dominican Republic, telling her fans that she died in the emergency room.

“I can vividly remember when they came back with the results and I saw different doctors and surgeons coming into the room and I can vividly remember the look on their faces like something was wrong. I took up my phone and called my sister and I cried,” Spice said

In the meantime, Spice fans and some of her celebrity friends are showing her support after sharing her scary ordeal in DR last October.

“Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing your journey,” one fan wrote. “This is testimony that everyone looks good on social media but you never really know what they are through… Praise God that you’re still here today. Take care of your mental and physical health and continue to heal. God got you.”

“Y’all saying she’s insensitive towards pregnancy is crazy because y’all never sensitize anything that has to do with her,” another fan wrote. “She always wrong fi unuh Spice is known to do things differently, that’s why we love her All I can say is give your life to God, you are called.”