Mavado and Jahshii Join Forces On Tribute Anthem “Tears”

Mavado and Jahshii join forces on a new single "Tears" in tribute to their fallen loved ones

Mavado and Jahshii
Mavado and Jahshii / Urban Islandz

Mavado has tapped rising star Jahshii for his latest song release, “Tears,” which dropped on Wednesday afternoon along with a music video. The song is produced by Damage Musiq and features a music video that was released on his YouTube Vevo account, which quickly racked up 34,000 views just a few hours after it was released.

The song is an emotional heartbreak ballad where Mavado talks about missing his loved one and struggling to deal with the loss of his loved one. Jahshii’s lyrical prowess is also tested once again, and he rises to the occasion as he puts down his trap dancehall style and sings in his verse while paying homage to his late friend and producer, Activity, who was shot and killed by police in Grants Pen in 2021.

Both artists appear vulnerable as they channel their feelings into the song, which was pointed out by Mavado’s former mentor, Bounty Killer, as he praised the artists.

“Heartfelt emotions in this one,” Bounty Killer said to his two former collaborators.

Mavado, Jahshii
Mavado, Jahshii / Urban Islandz

At the 1:20 point, Jahshii pays tribute to his late friend Mabreco ‘Activity’ Watson, who was shot and killed by police on December 28, 2021. The police said the producer was killed during an alleged armed confrontation with police at his residence in Grants Pen. Activity previously produced several hit songs for Jahshii, such as “Cream of the Crop” and others. The Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, had announced an investigation into the killing after the producer’s friends and family disputed the police reports.

Jahshii sings about coming to terms with his friend being gone.

“From the day you pass mi a reminisce/ make me tell you dis / whole heap a memories / tears ah mi heart mi nuh say nothing / ah! weh you gone with all mi energy / Still, a try numb the pain with Hennesy,” Jahshii sings. He deejays in another verse, “You’re supposed to be here/ where you gone? / We made plans in the past, you shoulda deh fi we live them all / But where you deh, memories live on.”

Mavado also sings about being “hurt so deep” after his mother died that he “couldn’t even sleep,” and even though he tried moving on, “it’s hard to dweet.”

“I’m so broken-hearted. But you’re in heaven,” Mavado sings. The singer’s mother, Elizabeth ‘Ms. Pinny’ Gordon died at the hospital on March 11, 2021. The artist, who has paid homage to his mother throughout his music career, was very distraught following Ms. Pinny’s death.

The song also pays tribute to someone named FatEye at the 3:03 mark.