Khago Allegedly Points A Gun At Relative, Could Lose Firearm License

Dancehall artist Khago allegedly points his license firearm at a relative and is now under investigation


Dancehall artiste Khago has been charged with assault at common law and is being investigated by the Firearms Licensing Authority after he allegedly pointed his licensed gun at a relative during a dispute.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force reportedly confirmed that the artist was arrested by Mandeville police after a report was made. Details of the incident are that Khago, who resides in Knockpatrick, Manchester, got into an argument with a relative at his house.

The incident escalated, and Khago is accused of drawing his firearm and pointing it at the relative, in violation of FLA rules which only permit the use of a firearm in specific self-defense circumstances to use the weapon. The woman in question alleges that she and Khago, whose real name is Ricardo Gayle, became involved in a verbal argument when Khago allegedly threatened her and pulled out his gun, and pointed it at her.

The woman was taken to the police station by one of Khago’s entourage members. In a comment to the Jamaica Star, the woman says the incident has left her shaken and traumatized.

“Mi trouble with both depression and anxiety so this situation only make things worse for me. It was a really bad thing to go through, mi a tell yuh, because mi get so scared when him point the gun at me. Mi tun fool and no know wah fi do. Him say to me, ‘Hey gal, yuh better come out a mi house right now, enuh’, and as soon as him lower him hand wid di gun mi dash out of the room and run go round weh him fren dem deh inside the studio,” she said.

The woman says the incident occurred after she suggested to the artiste that his girlfriend was walking in the house with her slippers which was causing dust in the home that affected the health of his child.

Khago allegedly became enraged as he accused his relative of trying to dictate how his house was run. The artist reportedly accused his relative of trying to create friction to break up him and his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, the FLA has also commented on the incident noting that the regulatory body is investigating the incident, and a final decision on whether Khago continues to hold a gun license, is to be made.

The FLA representative said this is the second such incident of Khago pointing his gun at a (different) relative in the last five years after the relative told him not to cut off his locks.

Khago has not commented on the accusation, but the FLA says the first incident is still being investigated.