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Kodak Black Ordered Into Rehab By Judge Following Arrest Warrant

Kodak Black will do a 30 day stint in a drug rehab facility following recent arrest warrant over a failed drug test

Kodak Black
Kodak Black

Kodak Black narrowly escaped jail on Tuesday when he appeared in court following a warrant being issued for his arrest over a failed drug test.

The rapper wore a pink and yellow suit in court on Tuesday while his attorney Brad Cohen addressed the court. During the proceedings, it was revealed that the rapper’s urine test was reportedly mixed up with another person’s.

The court was told that the employee who administered the test might have mixed up Kodak’s test because they were “starstruck.” That doesn’t mean he is off the hook, as the prosecution agreed that the rapper must submit to a hair sample on Tuesday to determine if he had any illicit drugs in his system.

Kodak Black, whose real name is Bill Kapri, was also allowed to enter a 30-day in-patient drug treatment program to start next week at the request of his lawyer. This is to satisfy the court that he should be allowed to attend the Rolling Loud music festival in California later this week.

The court appearance follows the judge signing off on a warrant for Kodak’s arrest last week after he reportedly failed a drug test and tested positive for fentanyl. The arrest warrant stated that Kodak should be arrested and held in custody if deputies came into contact with him.

Kodak Black must submit to regular drug tests

The rapper was previously ordered to submit to regular drug testing, house arrest as well as drug treatment in order to satisfy his bail conditions in his ongoing drugs case. Last year, the rapper was arrested and charged after he was found with a large stash of oxycodone pills and a large amount of cash.

At the time, police said he had no prescription for the drugs. Still, his attorney later said the drugs were prescription acquired to help Kodak deal with chronic pain he has been dealing with following his four-year incarceration before being pardoned by former president Donald Trump.

This is an easy let off for Kodak Black considering he has multiple runnings with failed drug tests over the past few years. At this point, he is testing the judge’s patients and risk more jail time if he fails another drug test.