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Boosie Badazz Breaks Silence About His Daughter Coming Out

Boosie Badazz says he still loves his daughter after coming out but says family won't accept her

Boosie Badazz

Boosie Badazz says that he loves his daughter, who recently came out, but he does not support her lifestyle for fear it might corrupt his other children and because it’s against his religion.

Boosie has been a strong advocate against the LGBTQ community in recent years, but it was recently revealed that his 22-year-old daughter was gay. His daughter also appeared to go Instagram official with her girlfriend this week.

While many were interested in watching the rapper’s reaction to how he treats his own child versus his hateful diatribe against other LGBTQ members, it seems that Boosie is just like any loving parent to his daughter.

“Our families are a real Southern Baptist family. So Ivi gotta have respect for her family and everything she does. So her coming out this age, that’s the time you know what you want,” he says about his daughter’s going public as a lesbian.

“That’s when you know what you want and you know, even though it’s not, it won’t be won’t be accepted…cause I don’t want nobody in my family to feel that’s ok,” the rapper explains.

The Baton Rouge rapper adds that though he loves his daughter unconditionally, his family is too religious to accept her lifestyle.

“We gone love her to death but at the same time, I always tell her, our family it’s never been that way. You know It’s never been accepted. Our preacher grandfather, grandmother, preacher you know like,” Boosie said. “But at the same time she grown, she can do anything she wants.”

Boosie Badazz often has loud opinions on the likes of Dwyane Wade’s transgender child, Zaya Wade, and openly gay man, Lil Nas X. His stance against them has bordered on hateful at times. Boosie was, however, called a hypocrite when his daughter Iviona Hatch came out as gay and went Instagram official with her girlfriend.

A few months ago, Zaya’s stepmother and actress Gabrielle Union had called out Boosie, telling him he had a “lot of d*cks on his mind,” an apparent dig at his constant commentary on the gay community.