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Busta Rhymes Threw Drink At Woman Over Inappropriate Touch, She Responded

Busta Rhymes
Busta Rhymes / IG

Jamaican American rapper Busta Rhymes is trending after he was seen on video throwing water on a fan who grabbed his butt as he walked through a crowd.

The rapper was walking with his entourage when a woman wearing mustard-colored tights and a denim top noticed him from a distance and followed behind him. The woman is seen bending down before she grabs his butt and seems to puts her hands to her face.

The woman seemed happy to be able to grab the rapper’s derriere as she stood and waited for his reaction, but Busta Rhymes was not accommodating to the invasion of his body, and he turned around with a scowl and threw the contents of a bottle of water at her.

It’s unclear when the incident took place, but the video of the incident went viral on Tuesday, with the rapper’s name trending on Twitter.

It’s unclear what actions if any, were taken against the woman for reportedly assaulting the rapper, but many of his fans online called her out for touching the rapper without his consent.

“This is just crazy, I’m glad he did the right thing and i hope the woman truly learns her lesson by keeping her hands to herself,” one tweeted.

“A lot of people laughed and felt he overreacted! How?? She violated his space! She grabbed his butt without consent! If he turned and swung, and she went night night y’all would be in an uproar. Busta needs that same energy y’all give men that do this,” another Twitter user wrote in reaction to a video calling the woman a sexual predator.

Others also agreed with the rapper’s reaction noting that Jamaican men do not like being touched on their butt.

Busta Rhymes is an old Jamaican ni— from Brooklyn. Why did she think that was going to fly,” one fan tweeted.

Some fans also mused that the woman had not known Busta Rhymes’ 2008 track “Don’t Touch Me (Throw Da Water On’ Em)” where the artist shared his dislike for being touched.

The rapper has not addressed the incident, but the woman at the center of the melee says she was just a fan who was star-struck and wanted to take a photo with the rap legend.