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Chris Brown Says He Don’t Know Robert Glasper After Grammy Lost For Best R&B Album

Chris Brown
Chris Brown

Chris Brown is not pleased with losing out on another R&B Grammy on Sunday as he shaded the Grammys and dissed the winner, Robert Glasser, in a series of posts on Instagram.

Chris Brown has been nominated close to two dozen times, but he only won a Grammy for Best R&B Album for his project ‘F.A.M.E.’ in 2011. The rapper was nominated in the same category for this year, and his Team Breezy fans have been hopeful that the artist can break the spell and bring home another award for his Breezy album released last year.

The R&B veteran singer wasn’t very pleased with learning that he lost the award to fellow artist Robert Glasper and he took several shots at the artist on his Instagram story. “Yall playing,” Brown wrote over a photo announcing Glasper’s win. “Who da f**k is this?” he added with laughing emojis.

Chris Brown added several other posts on Instagram stories, writing, “Ima keep kicking yall a$$! Respectfully,” and in another, he shared a meme that read: “Who the f*ck is Robert Glasper” with laughing emojis.

Glasper is a pianist/producer/songwriter, with some of his songs, like “Black Superhero,” being critically acclaimed. Brown continued to mock the artist, writing, “I gotta get my skills up.. ima start playing the harmonica,” and in another post, he trolled the Grammys calling himself “Harmonica Breezy,” implying his current artistical skills were not enough.

Robert Glasper won the Grammy for Best R&B Album for his 2022 album Black Radio III. He was nominated alongside Brown, Mary J. Blige’s Good Morning Gorgeous (Deluxe), Lucky Daye’s Candydrip, and PJ Morton’s Watch the Sun.

Glasper no doubt got wind of the shade from Chris Brown and wrote a post in response on his Instagram account.

“It’s been brought to my attention that y’all have questions about who tf is, Robert Glasper,” he wrote. “If y’all have questions. I have answers.”

Glasper, who has been in the music business for over two decades and has been nominated 12 times, has five Grammy wins. The artist proceeded to share career highlights and messages from fans and followers.

Glasper’s posts were mirrored by Chris Brown, who also shared his own career highlights and statistics about his music and concert numbers.