Bounty Killer and Mr. Vegas Trade Diss Tracks, Dexta Daps Defends Bounty

Dexta MV Bounty
Dexta Daps | Mr Vegas | Bounty Killer

The feud between Bounty Killer and Mr. Vegas has gotten nastier, with Dexta Daps now joining the melee as he called out Vegas for dissing Bounty.

On Thursday, Mr. Vegas turned his attention to Dexta Daps, who called him a derogatory term used against gay people. Mr. Vegas fired off several posts on Instagram aimed at Daps for dissing him earlier in the day and calling him a “b—yman.” It’s unclear why Daps and Vegas are beefing, but fans online link it to Vegas’ onslaught against Bounty Killer.

Mr. Vegas and Bounty Killer have been feuding for months now, but things went up a notch as both men have been trading disses at each other using diss tracks.

Bounty Killer first released a diss track for Vegas called “Di War is On Again,” as he ridiculed Vegas’ lyrical skills as “karaoke .” Vegas responded by calling Bounty “pedo boy,” alleging that the artist had impregnated an underaged girl several years back but suffered no consequences for it. Vegas also released a diss track for Bounty singing, “Yuh violate a child mi ago dig out yuh heart,” among other things.

Bounty Killer also responded with another song on his Instagram where he seemingly called Vegas a “fish.”

“It costs nothing to kill a fassy, I kill for fun….specially when him wash him face with batty,” Bounty Killer says in the track with his laugh echoing in the background.

On Instagram, Bounty also wrote, “it cost absolutely ntn to kill a fassy just for the fun of it unda Grung fi a poop worm.”

He added, “dis drag a send vn and msg bout him want mi and him to voice on di same riddims is him man dem fi go ride him riddim mi a kill him pon anything even a guitar.”

That was when Dexta Daps seemingly joined the fracas writing under Bounty’s comment, “rare gasss report mi comment,” he wrote with laughing emojis and the fish emoji.

He then tagged Mr. Vegas, writing, “@mrvegas [fish emoji] cyah swim inna our wataz …YUH COULDA BAWL BLOOD YA DEAD….BUS HIM HEAD GENERAL,” he wrote.

Dexta Daps also uploaded a video aimed at Mr. Vegas.

“B****bcl**t dis, gay gas? Me fi clash gay gas?” he said, kissing his teeth. “me want piece a dat deh war deh? Batty yuh is a mad man?” he added.

“Mind me make two ah mi girl dem kill you enuh… because mi sure dem girl me have more lyrics than you batty,” he said before apologizing for using the derogatory word. “Never need fi call you that cause mi nuh know nothing bout you,” he said before bursting into laughter.

Dexta Daps also taunted Vegas telling him that he slept with more women than Vegas and his grandfather, and he also said that he was sure “not one man can call his name on effry.”

Mr. Vegas also responded with several posts directed at Dexta Daps, including two incidents in which the artist appeared to lust over two female fans who turned out to be transgender.

“Tranni Magnet? Nobody nuh believe unu! Stop it!” he captioned a photo of Dexta Daps looking at the butt of one of the fans.

Daps later deleted his video, and fans of Mr. Vegas were confused as they questioned why he was going after Daps.

“Wi affi remind dem, fam! Bwoy too bright! Mi nuh know weh him get the idea she him can make video and a style mi when him know him a tranni magnet!” he wrote in one comment under his post.

“Mi a remind dem seh dem shakey,” he added in another comment.