Beyoncé Was Paid $45 Million For 1-Hour Dubai Show, Terrence J Says

Beyonce / @beyonce IG

Terrence J has revealed the eyepopping figure that Beyoncé made from her recent performance in Dubai for the opening of resort Atlantis Dubai.

Beyoncé was criticized by some of her fans for performing in the middle east country mainly because of its Islamic stance that is conservative on many things like women’s rights and others like being anti-gay. Still, the country has held steadfast to its religious laws, and those who visit are bound by those rules.

Beyoncé performance saw her giving a very conservative show which didn’t contain the usual spontaneous dancing and other things she includes in her show, and there’s been much speculation as to the figure that Queen Bey earned for the brief performance with some ranging from $24 to $35 million, but now Terrence J claims that the total figure is around $45 million.

While on The Breakfast Club, Terrence J said that the artist walked away with a sizable sum that didn’t include such costs to put on the show, which included models wearing her Ivy Park line and other trimmings.

“The number was reflective of not just the payment to her but it was a whole production around it,” Terrence began.

T.I., also on the show, chimed in that he felt that the singer received $24 million for a day.

However, Terrence J offered, “I don’t even think that was the number. I think the number was actually more. I think like the bigger number was around $45 million. It’s the biggest launch. They wanted to outdo the original Atlantis launch which was the biggest one at the time.”

Beyoncé’s Atlantis performance signaled the return to the stage after four years since she had her twins. The wife of Jay-Z, Beyoncé, remains a powerhouse as an artist with her musical nominations and EGOT nominations for film and television awards over the past year.

She’s set to return on tour this year for her album Renaissance released last year.

Meanwhile, Terrence J also spoke about Beyoncé’s performance which also included her daughter Blue Ivy Carter joining her on stage.

“Beyoncé looked amazing. She looked impeccable. Voice, obviously. Blue Ivy came out. All the vibes were there. A very theatrical performance. So this wasn’t ‘Single Ladies’ dancing type Beyoncé. This was ‘Halo’ Beyoncé. Very classy. The outfits and the wardrobe was masterful. She came out, went on this little platform and had the wind and the water hitting her. It was amazing.”