Minister Marion Hall Exposed Stalker Disrupting Her Sermon With Explicit Photos

Marion Hall
Marion Hall aka Lady Saw

Minister Marion Hall, formerly known as Lady Saw, put a stalker on blast on Sunday after the man bombarded her with unsolicited nude photos during her Sunday prayer service.

Lady Saw is well-known for her raunchy and sexy music, which had dominated for almost three eras before she ditched the moniker and announced that she was dedicating her life to Jesus Christ. The Grammy-winning dancehall artist has been focused on her religious journey and only makes Gospel music now.

She also hosts a Sunday service on her social media accounts, where she prays and preaches to her followers. It seems that her regular services have been interrupted by a stalker who uses WhatsApp and other electronic means to send nudes and unsolicited messages to Hall.

In a now-deleted post on her Instagram account on Sunday morning, Hall shared a screenshot showing the man’s name and number and said that he had been sending her lewd messages and photos for a while now.

According to her, the stalker, a man whose name is Taj Lord, normally sends her photos of his penis, especially during her church services.


A post was made by Minister Hall right after her 10 am service, snippets of which she shared on her IG account where she shared that the stalker has been harassing her for months now. She also posted a new number she says he used after she blocked a previous number.

Some fans of Hall called out the man for his unwanted and disgusting behavior, with many offering that his actions are illegal according to the Cyber Crimes Act of Jamaica.

It’s unclear if Minister Hall plans to report the incident to the police.

In a video, Hall said the “pervert” had been calling the number connected to her Instagram and YouTube church ministry accounts for months and normally hops onto her live services so she can see him.

Hall said she was preaching on Sunday, and the man joined her Live, and at some point, he set up his camera at an angle that showed him masturbating.

“I said ‘you like doing this, you like to disrupt God’s work’. That’s the pervert…I just prayed a prayer over him and tell God to deal with him and it wasn’t a prayer of forgiveness,” she added.

Hall has a message for the man who goes she says she took a photo of.

“I pray and tell God to deal with him. This man is a pervert…He choose a time like this, god has given me a mandate to preach his word. And this devil this ole demon is calling calling me telling me about his penis.”