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Rick Ross Trend Again For His Dance Moves To Demarco Classic ‘I Love My Life’

Rick Ross
Rick Ross

Rick Ross is in a celebratory mood as he approaches his 47th birthday this Saturday.

The Biggest Boss has been celebrating since the week started with a party at Parq Nightclub in San Diego last weekend and an upcoming party at Liv Miami this Friday. In his usual celebratory mood, Rick Ross shared a video where he danced to the dancehall classic “I Love My Life” by dancehall artist Demarco. In the video, a Jamaican voice urges Ross, “yow gi the gyal dem a wine fi yuh birthday rasta.”

Rick Ross, who is seen wearing shorts, sneakers, and a fluffy fur coat without a shirt and sunglasses, gyrates his waist while holding a decanter of his whisky brand.

The video was reposted by Demarco, who shared laughing and fire emojis. Ross shared several videos of himself sitting on some stairs lined with red carpet. The artist did not caption the photos, but he received many birthday wishes from thousands of fans.

Rick Ross is an ardent fan of Jamaican culture, and he has been practicing his Patois and dance moves, no doubt influenced by his Jamaican girlfriend, Pretty Vee. The rapper shared other Instagram stories where he said he was celebrating his birthday all weekend.

In one Story, he shared himself with his Villon France liquor while the reggae track “Buddy Bye” by Johnny Osbourne plays in the background. Rick Ross also breaks out in an elaborate skanking dance that is common for the music of that era.

“Big belly rude boy, true king dis, mi love mi life yuh zeet. Mi birthday weekend, celebrate with the biggest boss, let’s have a toast of b*mboclaat bamboo, please, yes…yuh see mi standing under the eye, yuh see. the sun shining upon mi lifestyle,” Ross said as he poured a drink.

Rick Ross’ appreciation of Jamaican culture has been well received by Jamaicans who enjoy his antics and promotion of Jamaican music and culture. The artist appears heavily influenced by his girlfriend, Vena Excell, also known as Pretty Vee.

Last month, Pretty Vee confirmed that she and the ‘Biggest Boss’ were indeed dating after months of speculation.