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Lil Baby and Michael B. Jordan Stars In Hilarious ‘SNL’ Promo

Lil Baby

Michael B. Jordan and Lil Baby are set to make their debut as SNL hosts on the late-night comedy show this coming weekend.

Saturday Night Live announced Lil Baby as the latest Hip Hop star to grace the show’s stage, and a teaser released on Thursday did not disappoint. A teaser for the upcoming episode to be aired on January 28 was shared on Thursday night, showing the Creed III director alongside Lil Baby and SNL cast member Heidi Gardner.

In the teaser, Gardner, clearly oblivious about Lil Baby, confuses him for little babies as she tries to make sense of the rap name while Michael B Jordan gets an awkward joke about Valentine’s Day. In one part of the teaser, Gardener puts on an announcer voice to introduce the Quality Control rapper.

“Alaska’s very own, Lil Baby,” Gardener mouths along with the booming audio playing. Lil Baby interjects, “Alaska? I’m from Atlanta.”

Fans are also anticipating the upcoming show as they feel that Lil Baby’s facial reactions and mannerisms are naturally hilarious.

“Why baby look awkward,” one person said. “Lil Baby is funny without trying,” another said.

“Baby always looks outta place on camera,” another fan said, laughing.

Lil Baby joins a growing list of rappers who have hosted Saturday Night Live during its current Season (48).

Among those who have hosted in previous months are Kendrick Lamar, Megan Thee Stallion, Jack Harlow, and Black Star.

Meanwhile, there are reports that the rapper will perform songs from his latest LP, ‘It’s Only Me studio’.

As for Michael B. Jordan, it’s up for speculation what fans can expect. Some have questioned whether there will be any Lori Harvey and Damson Idris jokes, given that his acting buddy now seems to be romantically involved with Lori. If nothing, SNL can be ruthless, as we’ve seen with Kim Kardashian roasting everyone, including herself and her ex-husband Kanye West during her appearance on the show more than a year ago.

Michael B. Jordan might be silent on Lori’s latest dating prop, but he does have a lot to celebrate, with his directorial debut for Creed III taking place on March 3, 2023.