Jada Kingdom Announces Her Debut Album Coming This Year, Nas EBK Dedicate New Song To Her

Jada Kingdom
Jada Kingdom

Jada Kingdom has announced that her long-awaited debut album is on the way this year and her ex-boyfriend, Nas EBK, is expressing his hurt in a new song dedicated to her.

In a post on Twitter, Jada Kingdom wrote, “My first ALBUM coming 2023,” with the confetti emoji. The artist confirmed the news on her Instagram account by resharing a post by Sleek Jamaica. The artist signed with Republic Records in June 2021 and went on to release a few singles. However, her career has had several setbacks since then, as she shared in 2021 that she was taking her ex-manager to court for ripping her off, stealing income from her music, and him trying to block her new music, which she was re-recording.

Jada Kingdom had a relatively good year in 2022 with the release of her smash hit “GPP,” and she also toured extensively across the Caribbean and North America. However, she also shared her struggles in 2022, which included a mental health breakdown dealing with her bipolar disorder and the miscarriage of her baby with her then-boyfriend Nas EBK.


Over the weekend, it appears that Nas EBK confirmed that he and Jada were no longer together. The pair appeared to have broken up shortly after he gifted her a promise ring while they were on vacation late last year. However, the artist suffered much embarrassment and ridicule as many felt she had reacted with shock and surprise at Nas proposing to her. However, the New York rapper later said it was a promise ring.

After her miscarriage, they were spotted at her grandmother’s funeral, but it seems that they have parted ways. In an Instagram post, Nas shared a song he released called “Ya won (Defeated),” which references his regrets at losing the Jamaican deejay.

The song samples Akon’s “Don’t Matter” at the start before Nas EBK begins to rap. In one verse shared, he raps, “Sometimes I get sick of this star sh*t, gone grip on my knock regardless. Tried to be a playa, I fumbled with Jada took a L, left me heartless, let’s take it back to the start bit*ch.”

Nas EBK, however, had a confusing caption tagging Jada, “Nobody wanna see us together , but it dont matter noo , cause I got you [broken heart emoji] [Jada Kingdom].”

On Instagram, Jada Kingdom is not following Nas EBK, but he is, however, following her. The Jamaican artist has not spoken about her relationship with the rising New York rapper, and she has also deleted all photos of them together.