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Jada Kingdom Opens Up About Being Bipolar, “It Ruined My F***ing Life”

Jada Kingdom has opened up about mental health after some social media users took her recent post with the caption, “Bipolar Virgo,” lightly.

The “Heavy” singer posted three photos on Wednesday (September 1), each displaying different moods to represent her mental illness.

While the pictures are undeniably beautiful and of great quality, as pointed out by some of her fans, the gist of the post appeared to not be fully understood by some users. Jada Kingdom took to her Instagram Story hours later to open up about what it’s like being bipolar, ensuring that the world knows that it is no joke.

“Being bipolar is not cute. It’s not cute I wouldn’t wish that on anybody,” she said. “It has ruined my f*cking life so please do not take my caption as like a gimmick or whatever. That’s just facts I’m a Virgo and they say I’m f***ing bipolar.”

Jada had opened up before about her mental issues in the past, and she has been judged regularly by random things like her frequent tattoos, especially those on her face and neck. While the deejay had avoided the “crazy” comments before, she took the time to address those people today.

“A lot a y’all make fun of me every day, say I’m crazy, I’m this, I’m that. F**k you, f**k y’all but it’s not cute to be bipolar,” she lashed out.

The deejay also called out persons who continue to label themselves as bipolar as a simple trend.

“I was just saying it’s not a trend like people just use it now ‘oh I’m bipolar’….like no the f**k you’re not. You wouldn’t want to be bipolar. I promise you, you wouldn’t wanna be bipolar.”

Jada Kingdom added, “Taking care of your mental health should be a f**king priority. Y’all know I give zero f**ks I do whatever the f**k I want, say whatever the f**k I want, I couldn’t care less. But when it comes to mental health….I don’t get the joke…and I laugh at everything.”

After noting that there is much more she wanted to say but does not have the time, the 22-year-old moments later wrote, “Bipolar, depression, anxiety, insomnia been haunting me my entire life.”

Mental health in Jamaica has risen to priority after it was discovered that there is a growing number of people suffering mentally, mainly from depression and anxiety. The 2017 Global Burden of Disease database shows that around 3% of Jamaicans have a depressive disorder and 4.1% have an anxiety disorder.

Jada Kingdom has made it quite clear that having a mental illness is complicated, but fans were also curious about how she gets through her days with her challenges.

She responded to that by saying, “For everyone asking, I surround myself with positive people, people who wanna see me win, people who care about my mental health even more than I do sometimes.”

“I’m always in a good vibe, I try to always be in a good mood, a good mental space, it’s rough but the people around me push me to do that so it’s really important who you surround yourself with.”

Studies have also shown that people in creative professions are more likely to have bipolar disorder or a general mental illness.

One rapper, considered to be one of the most creative in his art, Kanye West, also has bipolar disorder.

Since the release of his album “Donda,” the rapper has been receiving increased backlash from several fellow artistes who label him ‘weird,’ and ‘creepy’ as the lyrics to some of the new tracks did not help his cause.

Other international celebrities have opened up about mental illness, including Demi Lovato (bipolar disorder), Leonardo DiCaprio (obsessive-compulsive disorder), Lady Gaga (PTSD), and Adele (Postpartum Depression).