Tory Lanez Remorseful In Leaked Jail Phone Call With Megan Ex-BFF Kelsey Harris

Kelsey Harris Megan Thee Stallion Tory
Kelsey Harris Megan Thee Stallion Tory Lanez (from Left)

The damning phone call Tory Lanez made to Kelsey Harris from jail the night he shot Megan Thee Stallion in California has been leaked.

The audio recording of the phone call was shared by several blogs early on Friday morning, with a remorseful Tory Lanez apologizing while speaking to Harris and expressing concern for Megan Thee Stallion. The call begins with the operator identifying the call as coming from “Tory, an inmate from LAPD jail.”

“Y’all got out? Everything [unintelligible’ good?” Tory asks.

“What hospital y’all at?” Tory asked. Kelsey replies, “I said Megan is still in the hospital, I’m outside the hospital waiting.”

The call continued with Tory saying he was sorry for something he did to Megan that will make her not speak to him ever again.

“I know she probably never ever gonna talk to me again but bruh, I just want you to know, bruh, n***a I was just so f**king drunk, n***a I ain’t even know what the f**k was going on bro, dead a–. I ain’t even know what the f**k was going on. Bro,” Tory says.

He continued, “I never do some sh*t like that, bro. n***ga just that I was so drunk bruh I didn’t even understand what’s going on bruh. it’s like whatever. But you know, regardless that’s not gonna make anything right and that’s not gonna make my actions right. Bro, just sorry bruh, Never even move like that, never move like that at all like that bruh for real for real,” Tory added.

Kelsey also added, “I know. It was a lot. It was a lot that happened.”

Tory then says it was a mistake.

“A whole lot bruh, I feel I feel crazy, a mistake like,” the Canadian rapper said.

Tory continued: “What happened happened already bruh, I can’t take it back, bruh, I just felt like… I’m telling you I’m sorry bruh like the thing is I was drunk bruh…When I got to the house, n***gas gave me like five shots off the door, I was out of there…I wasn’t even there n***ga, I don’t even remember what you guys were arguing about like you feel me,”

Tory Lanez then presses again to find out which hospital Megan Thee Stallion was in and after Kelsey says it is Cedar Sinai Medical, he then asks her to call his driver ‘Quan’ (JacQuan), and “you get a chance to figure out what you guys can do to bail me out this sh*t,” he said.

Kelsey also advises Tory that the longer he is in jail, the more “hot” thing will get and warns him that a news report has already surfaced, presumably about the shooting, even though no names have been released.

“Out is what? What you mean out? Yeah but like n***s can’t know,” Tory says before adding, “There’s no way that Megan’s like on the thing,” Tory says. “I don’t think it’s gonna be one of those. If anything the only n***a that’s gon get this backlash is me it’s not gon be her…” he tells Kelsey before adding, “Thank you I appreciate it, I’m sorry again bruh.”

“So far, none of that is there,” Kelsey says as she also shared that Megan’s team was already doing damage control.

Tory also tells both Kelsey and Megan that he is sorry and says his actions are due to drunkenness.

“Alright. Um. It is what it is, regardless if I get out of here today or not bro I just want to let y’all know, bro, I’m sorry bro. like I’ll never do that sh*t if I wasn’t that drunk bro,” Tory tells Kelsey.

During her testimony, prosecutors shared that Harris told police in a statement in September that Lanez had punched her and dragged her by her hair to the ground after he shot at Megan and she tried to render assistance to the “Wap” rapper. Harris later recanted several of her statements, and after claims that she was pressured by the prosecution, the judge granted a motion to play her interview for the jury, which more than likely weighed on the minds of the jury.

In closing arguments, prosecutors said Kelsey Harris was “compromised” and hinted she might have accepted a bribe from Tory Lanez, who she said offered 1 million dollars to her and Megan to keep quiet.

Megan Thee Stallion also testified that it was Tory who shot her, while a witness who testified for Tory Lanez said he said three people were beating Megan, and there were muzzle flashes close to Lanez and shots fired as he emerged from the escalade he was in.

The rapper has pleaded his innocence but did not testify in his defense.

The case continues to be debated, with many believing that Tory is innocent and Harris is the actual shooter.

Many, however, believed that the audio of the phone call proved that Tory Lanez was guilty of the crime.

“Y’all are saying “Free Tory” but he basically admitting it on the call,” one person said.

“How you say this on a jail call fam,” another person said.

“How you dry snitch on yourself on a recorded line,” another added.