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Kanye West Is Missing Claims Ex Business Partner, Rapper Theophilus London Also Missing

Kanye West
Kanye West

Kanye West and his collaborator Theophilus London are reportedly missing.

Kanye West’s legal troubles are mounting, and now there is another lawsuit coming brought by his ex-manager for millions of dollars he claims the rapper owes him. There is also a concerning report that Kanye is also “missing,” as stated by his former business manager Thomas St. John whose efforts to locate Kanye to serve him with a lawsuit have been futile.

On Wednesday, several media houses reported that Kanye has been missing. The rapper has not been active on social media, including Instagram. He was banned from Twitter after his last posts trolled Elon Musk and made fun of his weight and body.

St. John claims that he can’t find Kanye West, whom he is suing for wages owed to him while he worked as the Chief Financial Officer for Donda Academy. The ex-manager claims that he was hired to manage the finances of the school, and his salary was $300,000 monthly for an 18-month contract.

St. John says Kanye West owes $4.5 million in wages that he stopped paying for close to a year.

Kanye West lost his billionaire status with the ending of his Adidas and Gap/Balenciaga deals months ago after going on rants about Jews having some sinister motive to rule the world and claiming that black people were “the real Jews.” His most recent antics include his big for the U.S. presidency in 2024 and hiring Nick Fuentes to assist his campaign, and praising Hitler while diminishing the genocide of the Jews.

The rapper has many problems, including being kicked out of Morgan Chase Bank, but he has refused to apologize for any of his controversial statements, which began with his ‘White Lives Matter’ shirts.

The “Gold Digger” rapper settled his divorce from Kim Kardashian earlier this month after agreeing to pay her $200,000 a month in child support and the two splitting their properties.

However, he has not been seen much over the Christmas holidays as he would normally be. While Kanye could be ducking service, the report about him being missing, as stated by St. John, is concerning.

As for rapper Theophilus London, his family has since filed a police report in Los Angeles but as of this reporting, he is not yet listed on LAPD’s missing persons online database.

“Theo, your Dad loves you, son,” the rapper’s father, Lary Moses London, said in the statement (via CBS News). “We miss you. And all your friends and relatives are searching for you. Wherever you are send us some signal. No matter what we will come get you son.”