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Drake Shade TikToker Who Claim He Flew Her Out Then Told Her To Leave


Drake denies that he flew a woman out for sex and asked her if she wanted a baby before things ended on a bad note.

On Wednesday, a video surfaced on Instagram with the woman making the bizarre claims. According to her, she had made a post on Instagram Stories while wearing purple lingerie in November and had tagged the rapper, who later responded and flew her out, presumably out of the country and to his home, where she signed an NDA before spending time with the rapper and sleeping with him after which he kicked her out of his home.

“I did not know that he was gonna even see it. I’m not even gonna lie. He had texted me eventually like ‘what’s your number’ with the heart eyes emoji. I sent my number quick,” she said.

She continued, “So, he called my phone, we chopping it up whatever and that’s when he said he trying to see me and I’m like I’m trying to see you too. So he had booked my flight for November 16th, mind y’all we texting, talking all a that November 13th. So fast forward, I get off the plane, he sent a private [unintelligible] to get me but before I went inside his house, they made me sign an NDA. So I can’t say much but I had looked up the NDA rules so I know what I can and can’t say…so so when I get in the house we just sitting, chilling, talking, he kept on rubbing on my stomach, kept on asking questions like ‘do you want kids’ and I’m like what you tryna say? If you wana baby momma me just say that.”

The woman added that the rapper allegedly slept with her without protection but got angry when she took out her phone and allegedly threw her out after she recorded him.

“He just kept on rubbing on my stomach like do you do you want kids and I said yes I want one, I want a lil boy. So we watch a movie, we drinking Casamigos, then y’all know Casamigos bring out the freakout,” she said as she relayed the story. “We did what we did I dnt have to go into details about that, It’s self-explanatory but he did not use protection which was a little weird but y’all know I’m just going with the flow. So, after we did what he did, we just cuddling and watching another movie. Everything went left when I pulled my phone out. As soon as he sees me recording, he slapped my phone out of my hand… I got a little scared, that slap was a little aggressive but after he slapped the phone out of my hand he was like ‘you got to go.”

In the meantime, there have been many bizarre claims on the internet about Drake’s sex life, but this one is the first female with a face making a claim.

Drake, however, denies that he knows the woman or flew her out and even has some advice for her to mend her idle ways.

“Never met. Never spoke. Never flew,” Drake said in a post on Instagram that has since been deleted.

“I hope people start doing more with the one life we are given sh*t is sad out here,” he added.

Earlier this year, another woman claimed that Drake had put pepper sauce in his used condoms and that her private parts got burned after she attempted to insert the contents of the used condom into herself. That claim was never verified, and Drake did not respond to it.