Teejay Shade Popcaan Over Shaggy Disrespect, Popcaan Respond

Teejay Popcaan
Teejay and Popcaan

Teejay has joined the conversation as he sides with Solid Agency’s Sharon Burke after Popcaan claimed that the experienced music manager tried to sabotage him at the recent Burna Boy concert in Kingston.

Popcaan called out Burke and Shaggy after his set at the Burna Boy concert experienced technical difficulty, and the mic sound went on and off, interrupting his and Toni-Ann Singh’s performance.

On his Instagram account, Popcaan blasted Sharon Burke in a video and on Twitter, calling her the “devil” in one post and claiming that she had some sinister reason for wanting to sabotage him. An attorney for Burke, Isat Buchanan, later wrote to Popcaan to retract the statement and apologize or risk being sued for defamation.

Teejay, who is currently managed by Burke’s Solid Agency on Friday, took to Instagram to defend her from Popcaan’s statements in an 11-minute Instagram video.

According to Teejay, Burke was the one who helped him to carry on his career as he wanted to quit being an artist.

“Mumma say Teejay mi a stay far from dancehall because most of them artists dunce. She say weh ya go do inna the day yah and me say married and mumma say ya f**king eediat? The woman say you just ago throw way your life like that? Mumma ask how much money yuh have? Mi say 8,000. The woman say gwan down a Manor and link a lawyer,” Teejay says as he explained that the manager advised that he retain an attorney to apply for a three-year work permit so he can tour abroad.

“Mi nuh have a dollar and mi see that woman stay so and borrow money from the bank and give me money and tell me don’t take no show from Romeich. Dem time deh me deh round a Romeich mi a get 8 gran fi a show, seven gran, six gran, man all a style we Yuh zimi and Sharon tell me don’t take no show we a bring your show straight a 25,000 USD, straight a 30,000 USD. Just hold out.”

In his video, Teejay also hinted that Popcaan might have been in opposition to him getting the opportunity to perform at what has been the biggest entertainment event for the year.

According to him, many artists pretended to be “real” but were gatekeepers and never wanted to share any opportunity.

“Nuff a who unnu say they real inna a music they don’t. nuff a dem do it for internet, nuff a dem do it for clout. Dem boy ya once them realize you bad too bro, them don’t want you bigger than them bro. and the cake big too bro, look how much artists them build and kill, same way bro. but unu can’t kill me, me already gone through the gate and that a bun unnu,” Teejay says as he says big up to Sharon Burke, who supported his career, and Shaggy, who did a song on his last album.

Teejay also shared his respects for artists like Vybz Kartel, Mavado, Govana, Skillibeng, Dexta Daps, Aidonia, and Rygin King for supporting his career.

He also shared that he was blacklisted from the Burna Boy event, with Popcaan telling the promoters that he wouldn’t perform at the event if Teejay was on the lineup, causing the artist to not get booked.

It’s unclear why the “Rags to Riches” deejay would be sidelined by Popcaan, but it could stem from possible animosity between Solid Agency and Popcaan, who previously worked with Burke and the agency.

In the meantime, Popcaan seemed to respond to Teejay on Twitter on Friday shortly after his video.

“A wah do shagg and scoob?” Popcaan tweeted with laughing emojis.

Popcaan did not respond to Teejay’s claims about the show.