Popcaan Blast Shaggy & Sharon Burke Over Burna Boy Show Audio Glitch

Shaggy Popcaan
Shaggy and Popcaan/IG

Popcaan is expressing his anger at Solid Agency president Sharon Burke and Shaggy as he accuses Burke of trying to control his international career, gatekeeping and sabotaging his performance on Sunday night.

Popcaan recently performed at the National Stadium, where he joined headliner Burna Boy on stage for his Love Damini tour stop in Jamaica. Popcaan performed alongside his girlfriend, Toni-Ann Singh, but the performance had many issues, including sound problems with the speakers and the microphone also chipping in and out while he and Singh performed.

Popcaan was also criticized by fans who called him out for barely singing five words in a song before the music would be cut. It seems that Popcaan believes that the problems he experienced were allegedly caused by Burke to tarnish his international career.

On Wednesday, the “Relevant” artist went on an expletive-laden tirade as he aired his displeasure at Shaggy and Sharon Burke, who runs Solid Agency that put on the Burna Boy concert.

“Ah me name Andre Sutherland as unnu know. And I’m taking this opportunity to send a message to Sharon Burke and the not so Solid Agency,” the artist said in a video shared to his Instagram Stories.

“Mi know exactly what you do the other night at the stadium when you tried to sabotage mi performance because of personal feelings,” the OVO rapper continued.

“And we all know say unnu hate what unnu cant control enuh and what unnu have shares and percentage inna you zimmi. Yeah, unnu feel like unnu can control the industry and put who unnu want put a number one and put who unnu want put international but Unruly Boss break them spell deh long time and show unnu say mi nuh need unnu to do sh*t for me. And the fact still remains, it late fi unnu. Unnu can’t stop Unruly again, yuh zeet,” the artist said.

He did not explain further, but Popcaan accused Burke, who manages a roster of artists like Teejay, of being a gatekeeper and deciding who gets to enjoy an international career.

“Mi know how unnu roll, unnu want be industry gatekeeper and dem f**kery deh, want control over international and who stay. Unnu know unnu can’t control me already.”

Popcaan also surprisingly called out Shaggy, although he did not explain further what the “Go Down Deh” artist did.

“And Shaggy is a b*tch. You hear! Mhm hmm me say that Shaggy is a likkle b*tch,”

On Twitter, he also wrote, “Sharon Burke is a Devil! Yea i said it #DEVEL.”

In the meantime, it seems that fans are taking the side of Popcaan, with some alluding to the fact that host Miss Kitty’s mic had been working fine while Popcaan was the only one who experienced sound issues.

However, another fan pointed out, “Miss Kitty, Burnaboy, and Lila all had issues.”

Neither Sharon Burke nor Shaggy has responded to Popcaan’s accusations.