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Trey Songz Surrenders To Police In New York Over Bowling Alley Assault Case

Trey Songz
Trey Songz / IG

Trey Songz is currently in police custody in NYC.

The R&B singer has turned himself into New York City cops for allegedly assaulting two people in October. Songz was listed as a person of interest by the police after two victims claimed that he assaulted them while at a bowling alley. One of the victims, a woman, has been seriously injured.

According to TMZ, the R&B artist voluntarily turned himself in on Tuesday morning, nearly a month after he was first listed as a suspect by the NYPD for the incident. One of the victims remains in hospital, and there are reports that Songz is alleged to have punched the victims in the face.

Some detail revealed so far is that the female victim was punched in the face while in the women’s bathroom of a bowling alley. The other victim, a man, was reportedly punched in the eye, but he declined medical treatment.

As for Songz, he was charged and given a ticket for assault and later released. Details about his court appearance were not immediately available, but his attorney, Mitch Schuster, vowed to fight the charges.

“We have been proactively communicating with NY law enforcement, the DA, and all those involved. While we will respectfully and proactively work through all the appropriate channels we are confident that Trey will be fully cleared of any wrongdoing,” the attorney told TMZ.

Songz’s latest allegations add to a rough year for the singer, who was accused by several women of rape. A few weeks ago, he was successful in getting dismissed a 20 million dollar sexual assault lawsuit by an unnamed victim known as Jane Doe.

The victim’s lawsuit was dismissed because of the time for filing it was not within the statute of limitations. The singer was accused by the victim of anally raping her in 2016.

There are reports that the victim has re-filed the lawsuit but later filed to dismiss it, sparking speculations that she and the artist had an out-of-court settlement.

Trey Songz has insisted that he is innocent of the allegations. At least three more women have accused him of rape, including two women in Miami and former NBA women’s basketball player Dylan Gonzalez.