Rihanna Shares First Video & Photo Of Her Son With ASAP Rocky

Rihanna son
Rihanna, ASAP Rocky and their son

Fans were blessed with the first look of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s baby boy, who is around six months old.

On Saturday morning, Hollywood Unlocked dropped several photos and videos of the baby fans, now affectionately called “A$AP Pebble” after his A$AP Rocky. The photo shows the baby boy wearing a white onesie and appearing to be lifting his head up while on his hands. The baby’s name has not been released, but he was born on May 13, so he should be past seven months at least.

There are also separate photos showing Rocky holding his son while a video with Rihanna talking with her baby boy in a video where he laughs, coos, and even yawns was also shared. It’s unclear the source of the videos and photos, although Rihanna and Rocky’s Instagram did not have content about their child, while Rihanna’s Tik Tok page had a video with the caption, “hacked.”

The video taken of the baby in a car seat has Rihanna in the background talking to him and laughing with him. He also seems to put up a baby argument as he tries to grab her phone.

As the photos went viral, fans reacted to his sweet face, with many agreeing that he looks like his mother’s twin with a dash of his father.

“Rihanna daddy all the way!!” one fan wrote. “The face you make when yk you’re Mom’s a Billionaire,” another added. “Omg, I finally get to see my internet nephew. cuteness overload he looks like his mama,” another added.

Rihanna hasn’t reacted to the leaked photos, but last month, the singer shared that she wasn’t ready to share her son with the world as she wanted to be able to do normal things with him.

“We’ve just been living but I guess there’s just a certain freedom that comes with kinda just like getting it out there,” the Bajan singer said (via The Root). “The challenge is we want to go to the park, we want to go everywhere, take walks and things as we want to do as parents with him but since we haven’t gotten around to sharing him with the world, we have to navigate it extremely cautiously right now.”

The mother of one also spoke about becoming a mother and her life-changing.

“So motherhood is a whole other beast. So life starts over when you become a parent. It’s like you’ve never known before it’s like you get a second full book it’s not a chapter, like a new book completely,” she said in an interview at the Black Panther movie premiere.

“It’s an amazing experience honestly but the thing I really like is his eye contact that’s some awesome sh*t, when he looks at me in my eyes my whole soul is like, I can’t tell if it’s cold or hot, it’s amazing,” Rihanna gushed.