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Kanye West Suspended From Clubhouse Over Troubling Antisemitic Comments

Kanye West
Kanye West

Kanye West will soon be banned from every social media platforms if he continues down this self destructive path.

The G.O.O.D. Music head was suspended from Clubhouse last weekend after making more troubling antisemitic comments during a live Q&A with Wack 100. Urban Islandz reported on Monday that Kanye West was laughing uncontrollably at Meek Mill on the platform after Wack told him that the Philly rhymer will be coming to check him on some recent comments. Meek Mill has since clapped back at Ye with some harsh criticisms.

In the same live Q&A in which Wack 100 charged fans $20 to listen, Ye hurled more troubling comments towards Jewish people, forcing Clubhouse to shutdown the conversion and issued him with a suspension. In a statement sent to the media, the platform says the comments violates its policies and community guidelines.

“We took action to shut down a conversation yesterday because it violated our policies,” Clubhouse said in a written statement. “We also suspended those who violated the policies. There’s absolutely no place for bullying, hate speech or abuse on our platform as explicitly stated in our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.”

The conversation lasted for nearly an hour with Kanye and Wack 100 discussing the rapper being canceled over some recent controversies including corporate America cutting ties with him and losing his lucrative Adidas/Yeezy deal.

Ye has since fallen off Forbes billionaire list and at the time of this publication his true net worth is unknown. Some of his assets have reportedly frozen over and some folks close to him are reportedly saying he could go broke in a matter of months due to the cost it takes to maintain his current lifestyle.

In a recent interview, Kanye West says losing his wealth makes him more in love with life and he is certainly happier. “Am far happier and you know am just in love with life,” he said about losing his status as a billionaire.

Aside from Clubhouse, Ye is also suspended from Twitter and Instagram.