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Meek Mill Responds To Kanye West Clowning Him On Clubhouse

Meek Mill wasn’t as amused as Kanye West was on Clubhouse, not even close.

If you were on the platform over the weekend, then you would’ve heard Kanye West laughing uncontrollably after Wack 100 told him that Meek Mill was coming to check him. Wack, who is a regular on Clubhouse, hosted an impromptu Q&A with Ye where he charged fans $20 to listen. A handful of fans did, and a few audio clips made their way across the social media spectrum.

In one segment, Kanye used the opportunity to again address his infamous “White Lives Matter” shirt he wore at his Yeezy show at Paris Fashion Week. He was adamant that the powers that be used celebrities like Meek and Diddy to confront him in the aftermath.

“Let’s go get celebrities,” Ye said. “Let’s go get Puff Daddy, let’s get Dave Chappelle, let’s go get Meek Mill.’ What made somebody think Meek Mills could say something to me? Now, this is the funniest thing of everything. Yo man, I’m about to start crying laughing. Somebody thought Meek Mills… sorry. No, I’m sorry. I’m not even gonna get to my joke.”

By that time, Kanye West started to laugh uncontrollably until others, including Wack 100, started laughing. Clubhouse eventually shut down the session after Ye made more problematic statements about Jewish people. In a statement, the platform says the conversation violates its policies.

It didn’t take long for Meek Mill to fire back at Kanye West. In a tweet on Sunday, the Philly rapper called out the former billionaire for using his platform for negativity and losing his mind over money.

“I mean 50 on clubhouse drawing and not doing any positive wit ya following at that age is hittttt… you can be old or young on clubhouse it’s a place to connect,” Meek tweeted. “Never lost my mind for fame or money … I still have my family …my people respect me … I’m freeing people from prison… I’m doing community service all month with children up close and personal .. I’m chilling wit my son and his friends today.. y’all on clubhouse at 50 lol.”

Wack 100 and Meek Mill have also had a rocky past, with the two previously going back and forth with each other on social media.

It remains unclear if Kanye West is permanently banned from Clubhouse or just a suspension.