Bounty Killer Visits Jamaica Society For The Blind and Calls For Gov Help

Bounty Killer
Bounty Killer

Bounty Killer is calling for support for the Jamaica Society for the Blind as the artist says that he has spent time with the organization and wants help to do more to assist the youths.

In a post on Instagram, the artist shared that he was disheartened by how the disabled were treated by society.

“In a society where they doesn’t care about the disabled elderly and kids tell me where does the future lies? @sheenavalene is just a regular person attempting to champion a hugely important cause to all of us in this society nobody decided to born or go blind so just all remember that it’s only us for us period help is drastically needed there folks,” the artist wrote.

While calling on the country’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Opposition Senator Damion Crawford, the veteran artist shared information about the Jamaica Society for the Blind, which he says offers advocacy services as well as counseling for persons who have to adjust to a new normal of blindness, as well as medical care in the form of eye care and social services for blind and visually impaired persons.

The artist said he was touched after visiting the facility with a partner and realized that there is a need for more resources.

“This has always been a mission of mine, to partner with the society to see how I could be of assistance, I had a hour meeting with the staff and a long tour of the facility, I met some of their students. There are persons who have just become blind that are so depressed and do not know how to cope, this melted me. So much is needed here: braille (electronics that help the blind to read), school books, teachers are needed (they are unable to pay them), job placements for the visually impaired, a whole face lift,” the artist wrote.

Bounty Killer used his platform to ask for help and asked any interested groups to link up with his Bounty Killer Foundation to support the initiatives of the society. The artist noted that he wanted to be a full-time partner to help Jamaican society achieve its objectives and change the lives of those in need.