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Rowdy Rebel Denies He’s Beefing Bobby Shmurda After NBA YoungBoy Spat

Rowdy Rebel Shmurda
Rowdy Rebel and Bobby Shmurda

Rowdy Rebel is not in agreement his Bobby Shmurda that he was wrong to speak on King Von’s death.

Last week, Bobby Shmurda and NBA YoungBoy were locked in a heated back and forth on social media, which came much as a surprise to fans. It turned out that a statement by Rowdy Rebel on King Von’s death in an interview triggered the Baton Rouge rapper to respond, which in turn earned a response from the New York rapper.

In a new interview on the My Expert Opinion podcast, Bobby Shmurda elaborates more on what Rowdy Rebel said, saying he thought Rebel was in the wrong for even speaking on the situation. On the same podcast, Rebel says he believed that King Von’s alleged killer, Lul Tim, went too far in what appeared to be a fistfight.

“He meant it in a good way, like, he wished that none of that sh*t would have ever happened because he a fan of [King Von and Quando Rondo],” Shmurda said. “But sometimes, we can’t talk on other people sh*t. So, Rowdy know he was in the wrong for that. But he didn’t mean it in a wrong way. It came from…an older Black guy liking a younger Black guy and liking both of their music. But that’s gon’ happen all the time. It happened to 2Pac and Biggie.”

Bobby Shmurda added that when emotions are running high, sometimes it’s better not to speak on the situation. Still, Rowdy Rebel doubles down on what he said.

“I said what I said,” the rapper shared on Instagram while making it clear that he would never beef with his comrade. “I cud never beef with my brother Bobby he freed me from a whole bid. But yu other n***as hurd what I said.”

Rowdy Rebel / Instagram

Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel both did prison stints after taking plea deals in a Rico case in New York. The “Hot Ni**a” rapper tried to get out of the deal, but the judge denied the request and thus sentenced him to 7 years in prison. Since his release from prison in February last year, the rapper has been focused on having fun and living his best life. This is perhaps the first time he was engaged in a beef with another rapper since leaving prison.

NBA YoungBoy has not responded to the new statement by Rebel.