NBA YoungBoy & Bobby Shmurda Heated Twitter Beef End With Threats

NBA YoungBoy Bobby Shmurda
NBA YoungBoy, Bobby Shmurda

NBA YoungBoy and Bobby Shmurda are beefing, and things came to a head on Sunday night with the two rappers sparring online.

It seems that Bobby’s comments about speaking about dead rappers struck a nerve, with NBA YoungBoy prompting him to respond to the New York rapper. YB has been under fire for his latest song with Quando Rondo as the two received backlash on Friday after dissing late Chicago rapper King Von and even referenced his killer Lul Tim on their joint mixtape, 3860.

On Sunday afternoon, NBA YoungBoy set his target on Bobby Shmurda, whom he called “von shmurda.”

“Ok mr ‘von shmurda’ you better stop the violence boy!” NBA YoungBoy wrote on Instagram Story. “I thought you was a fan (laughing emoji) & don’t lie. Go make a hit. I just want to be friends.”

NBA YoungBoy also insulted Bobby writing, “Well talking violent. Help me keep the peace or just stay far away slave.” YoungBoy directly addressed Shmurda after he posted a video seemingly referencing YB’s and Quando Rondo’s track asking that rappers not claim stuff their associates did and act hard over it.

“N*GGa be jacking everybody, what you doing homie, stop telling everybody bout your brothers shooting and your brother this… what the f**k do you do? When are you gonna finally do something?” Bobby said in a video mocking YB.

There’s been much talk about YB’s album, with many, like Bobby’s friend Rowdy Rebel adding his voice to the mix, on Math Hoffa’s podcast a day before.

“When King Von died, Lul Tim n***a, he didn’t have to get out of the car and start squeezing right away. You already got yours drawn. His mind, off the rip, went to kill. How you went to kill? How much hate you have already to kill this man?” Rebel said.

Although Shmurda had nothing to do with Rebel’s comments, both rappers got a video response from YB.

“I ain’t even say this perm-having b*tch name. N****s just wanna bring Top up. Say, bruh, man you n****s irrelevant and I said what I said, bruh. You n****s need a n***a like me to keep you goin’. I ain’t doin’ no fallin’ around this [Bobby Shmurda].”

YoungBoy Never Broke Again also said he had nothing to do with the situation and noted that Bobby didn’t even take flowers to Von’s grave but was speaking on him for clout.

YB later posted another video bragging about his success and even insulting Bobby, who spent almost seven (7) years in jail.

“Views should go up now…When the last time this n**a did a show?” YB is heard asking another person. “And he around here entertaining bullsh*t and there is more to life? Man, you know what that’s down bad how them people locked you up at the height of your career, son. That’s f**ked up son. Man, you lost soul. B*tch you don’t know how to rap no more.”

Bobby later unsuccessfully tried to get YB on Instagram Live and later revealed that he makes $100,000 a week and a sizable figure yearly despite being on parole.

In another video, he said, “Please I don’t want no beef @nba_youngboy.”

NBA YoungBoy later responded to Bobby, calling him a dope head and trolling Bobby to “stop the violence.”
Shmurda also dragged Wack 100 into the argument and threatened to “boom” the manager if he sees him in person.

It’s unclear why Wack 100 became involved in the beef. However, Bobby left another reply to YB, saying, “please I don’t want no beef,” and tagged YB with several laughing emojis.

In the video, Bobby claims that YB is “the fed” and was beefing with him to get him to violate his parole and go back to jail.

It seems that Bobby also took aim at YB over the recent report that Atlantic was paying for bots to push fake music streaming numbers, and he also called YB “one of the biggest slaves” in the industry.

It seems that Bobby tried to end the beef in the DMs, but the messages were later shared by YB on his now-deleted Instagram account, where he laughed about blocking Bobby from the platform.

In another video response, YB also said

“Noo…bobo that b*tch wana kill me, now. Say bro, check this out. You ain’t gotta worry bout trying to harm you, son.…you ain’t got to touch me. I got security, I’m paid son, im stay the f**k outta your way and hope you don’t get close…man this n****ga crazy, this n***a want to kill the slime…Man you tripping. Man, that n****a wana kill me man. That boy came home and them people aint give that n****a no money, that N***ga ready to kill a n***ga and go back to jail,” YB trolled Bobby and boasted about the millions he was making.

Bobby also defended his financial situation explaining that he wasn’t on a label and that if he had that backing, nobody couldn’t compete with him.

In another video, Bobby Shmurda also took back his threat and noted that his parole officer called him.

“I don’t want no problems…Please Atlantic Records, I don’t want no problems. Them n****as already got my YouTube hacked… I’m making over $200,000 a month independent. I’m only making 5-10,000 on the block a week, I’m on parole, I got my parole calling,” he said in one video.

Bobby Shmurda also said that he was afraid of YoungBoy’s label siccing bots on him.

“Atlantic got the best bots. NBA bots is about to go crazy. They bots system about to go crazy, their package- for like a 1000 bots it’s like $2000 or something like that… I don’t have no label behind me with 100 bots or none of that, all I have is real sh*t behind me.”

Later on IG he said, “Nah you da feds how dis get outtt I don’t wanna hear nothing else I’m sorry to all the gangster entertaining this I apologize please I don’t want no beef with nobody.” he wrote.

In the meantime, NBA YoungBoy later deactivated his account, and Wack 100 also responded with a photo of a transgender person and offered to introduce Bobby to the person- playing on reports that the rapper was recently in a video with a gay man in his music video.