Tems Claps Back At Critics After Embracing Her Body On Magazine Cover


Tems is setting the record straight and clearing fans who have big expectations of her. On Tuesday, the artist had harsh words for fans who felt that she was no longer religious as they reacted to her latest Dazed magazine photoshoot.

The photoshoot featured the artist in lingerie and in outfits that showed some skin in the photos. “Tems on top,” one of the photos was captioned, which showed the Nigerian artist wearing a two-piece skirt and bottom with a part of her midsection out.

Another photo showed the artist in a leather dress with peek-a-boo lace by the hips area, which was see-through, while another showed her covered in a royal blue fluffy coat along with a leather short set, fishnet stockings, and platform heels.

There is also a black and white photo with the artist in black lingerie and wearing a big fluffy coat, while there is a contrast photo in white with platform heels, white fishnets, and the artist wearing a vintage hairstyle and outfit.

Some of the artist’s fans were not pleased with the photos and called her out on Twitter. In one tweet, a fan accused her of being a hypocrite and implied she had changed from a church girl to selling her records.

The artist addressed critics in a series of tweets.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but I am not your Christian saviour,” Tems began. “I didn’t come here to uphold your beliefs about God. I will not fit into this box you try to put me in. I won’t satisfy you in that area please find the person that will. Or ask yourself why you care,” she wrote in a tweet.

“So much growth this year. I’m here for my fans. I have worked so much on myself. It will all make sense when it happens. I started in 2018. Look at what music looks like today. Still Next level coming. I’m just about to start,” the artist said in another tweet.

Some fans were not receptive to Tems’ tweet as some disagreed with her.

“It’s not about being a saviour but about the modesty and sanity you put out there,” one fan responded to her first tweet.

“Be mindful of the fact that some young and underage youths look up to you as their role model, even if anything else doesn’t matter to you. Don’t let fame intoxicate you!” another person said.

The artist later tweeted, seemingly addressing the pushback. “I just a baby!! I’m gonna show off. You don’t like it? F**k you from the bottom of my heart,’ Tems wrote in another tweet.

“I don’t brag because I’m not playing the same game. I don’t need to brag, I am who I am whether you know it or not. It is the house that is built on the solid rock that will withstand the storm. I’m trying to impress myself not you,” she added.

Tems is currently one of the biggest Nigerian Afrobeats singers on the planet, with billions of streams across DSPs. She recently picked up two Grammy nominations, and her single “Free Mind” has been certified gold by the RIAA in the United States.