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Takeoff’s Younger Brother YRN Lingo Pens Tribute To Late Migos Rapper

Takeoff and YRN Lingo

Takeoff’s younger brother YRN Lingo has broken his silence as he pens an emotional note to his late brother.

Takeoff was shot and killed on November 1 in Houston, but so far, police have not named a suspect for his killing. In the weeks following the death of the rapper, his family members continue to reel from the loss, with his brother YRN Lingo being the latest to share that he is struggling with coming to terms with the rapper’s death.

On his Instagram account, YRN Lingo speaks about his relationship with his big brother and some of their memories growing up.

“Don’t know where to begin, I honestly still can’t believe it. My big brother, my right hand, my other half, my literal twin. The one I could call upon anytime no matter what time, weather, situation you were in. You always made sure the family was straight, even when I didn’t need anything you always gave me something,” she began.

“I remember you telling me when we were kids, one day I was playing the game and you came in the room and sit down next to me. You told me “when I make it rapping, you can ask me for anything I mean anything” me as your little brother, I just looked at you and asked “anything?”, He said “anything! All the shoes, clothes and most importantly games” I laughed and gave him a hug,” the rapper continued.

YRN Lingo and Takeoff both enjoyed music careers and collaborated on the track I’m Gon Make It”.

In the post, YRN Lingo also shares several photos of him and Takeoff when they were younger and photos with their mother, affectionately called Mama Take, who passed away in 2019.

“I hate that I have to move on with my life without you physically here, I wish | could just stop time and wait, but I know that can’t happen. It’s a lot of things I’m going to miss about you, I could name them but it would be a full list and that would take forever. I looked up to you more than anyone on this earth and I will never stop looking up to you. I’ll carry your name until the day I die. I was the pupil to the teacher, you thought me things and brought me places that majority of the people can say they never seen or heard, level-headed, nothing ever got to you unless it had to do with family or money,” he added.

Takeoff’s brother also referred to him as one of the “purest angels” by God.

“You always stayed in your lane and never bothered anyone. Quiet, but very well spoken a real HUMBLE GIANT. I know God had to meet one of his purest angels because you were one of them. I’m still trying to understand this life thing, just help me and guide me through this hell on earth, cause it’s going to be hard, super hard without you bro.”

Just a day before, Takeoff’s cousin and Migos collaborator Offset’s wife, Cardi B, revealed that she was trying her best to cheer up her husband, who is deeply affected by the rapper’s death.

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